Apple TV Remote Alternatives

Apple TV Remote is a device with a small design and the mode of transmission of movies, series, music including photographs, it also has great content thanks to iTunes you only have to have an internet connection and you can connect it to your TV or your computer, with this App you can enjoy YouTube and Netflix at an affordable cost.

If you already have iTunes you will have already walked through your content store, in addition to having games with current digital content at your fingertips, if you do not want to buy an expensive TV then Apple TV is an excellent option to watch movies since you can access they from your iTunes.


Apple TV Remote Alternatives

This is designed to play high fidelity content so you can forget about acquiring a DVD player or Blue King, you can also download the content from this App without problems and enjoy with friends and family a pleasant time.

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Alternatives for Apple TV remote

There is no doubt that Apple TV is an excellent option to stay at home all weekend with exclusive content and, also, gives you the opportunity to explore the world from the armchair with just a couple of clicks but it is expensive, here I present more economical options to continue enjoying:

Akaso Q-Box 4K

Akaso Q-Box 4K an alternative for those who seek not only visual entertainment but also games and surfing the web, with this device feel free to play videos and play while listening to your favorite music, the only requirement is that you must have 2 GB of RAM and 16 of memory. Its cost is $ 73. You can also see the 4k movie alternatives for your device.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV is a very assertive alternative with which you can have a great time, in addition to having current games online you can control what time with a simple voice command, it is definitely an option to not move even a second while enjoying a good movie, play or just listen to your favorite repertoire, is similar to Apple TV with its 4K resolution but much cheaper despite being one level lower in control and speed than Apple TV. Cost $ 89.99


Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast an attractive device not only for the fact that you can see digital content at the moment while doing other things, you can enter from your cell phone and finally see your TV, on the other hand it is the most economical alternative of the Apple TV with its support with iPad and iPhone, its practical and subtle design of HDMI port in a circular way make it a spectacular alternative when it comes to looking for simplicity and comfort. Approximate cost $ 60 per piece.

The ultra year

Roku ultra an optional device to Apple TV for its totally different modality and its friendly access, so if you are one of those people who like to access exclusive content, series, movies among others see and try this App so complete that it will take you to enjoy of live content today, with its abundant repertoire of channels such as Netflix, CBS, PBS, ABC, Hulu you will have an endless experience while you have the option to download channels and Apps. Cost per device and control 45 $

Fire TV Cube

Fire TV Cube is a fairly small cube-shaped device with which you can enjoy digital material while you only say what you want, thanks to its voice command mode, you only speak and he will do what you want while you think about it and you can go enjoying some movie, when you connect it you start to live a fascinating experience and its wide content is similar to Fire TV. Due to its characteristics and its design Fire TV Cube is the best alternative to the Apple TV without any doubt. Cost for the device $ 63.

Mi Box TV Xiaomi

My Box TV is a very attractive device due to its design in small box mode, we know that smart phones make everyday life easier, with this device you are one step ahead because with it you will transform your TV into intelligent, you can connect it via wifi without the need for cables to enjoy a great experience while you feel comfortable and with its 4K video quality is a good alternative. Cost per device $ 54.

Nvidia Shield TV

Nvidia Shield TV an absolute device that has a solid design with excellent storage capacity, fluidity, start-up and sound that definitely is a convincing alternative to Apple TV, despite being expensive, I considered it worthwhile to show it in this list of alternatives. its power and disposition, abundant a repertoire of options if you want to play or simply connect it to your TV to live a movie experience, so if you are a gamer this device is for you. Cost per device $ 159.


We are aware that the Apple TV is similar to the devices that Apple has brought to the market and that is not why it is exclusive, although it has a certain appeal to the consumer, it is simple and easy to use with the modality that Apple has always offered us, in this list of alternatives I only scrutinized several options that included the most economical but with good performance and capacity, up to the previous device that offers us a lot when it comes to playing and having fun.