Android Screenshot Apps: Apps to Make Screenshots on Android

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Apps to Make Screenshots on Android

There are many Android smartphone models and not all work the same, so making screenshots can become an odyssey, you can use the best android screenshot apps. We explain how to do it easily. Screenshots are useful for many things, and they are a quick and easy method to obtain and share screenshots of a web page, an application, a game or a funny message. In theory, making screenshots on Android is very easy. Just press the power button and the volume down button at the same time . But it does not work on all Android phone models, and that is, there are so many brands (Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi) and models that each manufacturer decides one method or another.


android screenshot apps

If the capture with the power button and volume down does not work, we can try the power button and the Home button (same method as with iPhone and iPad).

And if it still does not work, why break our heads? The best thing is to download a good application and take screenshots without problems. Let’s see some of them.


Android Screenshot Apps: Apps to capture the screen in Android

As you know, when we talk about making an Android screen capture , we have the possibility to do it by means of the combination of some of the keys of our devices or by means of different programs that we can find in the Google Play to download and that we find, for some, simpler than with the combination that we mentioned previously.

There are many applications that exist in to make screenshots in Android . In the following article we will show you some of these for our smartphones or tablets with this technology.

We leave you below the tutorials we have made for you:


Screenshot Easy

True to its name, which on Google Play have been translated by Easy Screenshot , Screenshot Easy solves the problem of taking screenshots on Android devices.

From a simple interface, we can make the capture in different ways: with the combinations of buttons that I mentioned before, with an icon of the application itself, by shaking the phone, or through the dedicated widget.


Easy screenshot also serves to see the screenshots taken, in real size and with preview. It also includes a * button to share the capture with other applications, send it by email or post on social networks.

Screenshot Capture Recorder

We continue with simplicity. Screenshot Capture Recorder is used to capture, edit and share screenshots.

From its menu it explains how to make the capture in the usual way, although it includes more options, such as shaking the phone or pressing a button. Also, let us know with a notification or cancel the capture.

Screenshot Capture Recorder

As an editor, Screenshot Capture Recorder allows you to cut edges, add image filters to improve capture and, finally, share it on social networks or Android applications.


To take screenshots without going to the physical buttons of your Android device, Touchshot allows you to capture with buttons on the screen itself, adjust the quality, etc.

In addition to captures in image, Touchshot supports recording in video, with different quality, and an editor for captures in photo format with cut function, stamp, text, brush, etc.


Touchshot also facilitates the task of sharing the capture in image or video with other apps or social networks, or simply save them on our Android.

HTC Screen Capture

The manufacturer of Android smartphones offers its own application for screenshots. HTC Screen Capture works on any device and allows you to capture, edit and share screenshots.

Its main advantage is that, when capturing, we can keep the whole screen or a fragment only, highlighting the importance of a web page or application.

Otherwise, its Share button shows compatible applications, such as Gmail, graphic editors or social networks.


To finish, it is another great option to capture your screen, either with the physical button, with a floating button on the screen, or by shaking the phone .

ScreenMaster includes functions of cutting and rotating the image, adding text and emojis, drawing geometric figures or arrows above, etc.

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