Anime Character Creator In Simple Steps

Are you crazy enough and passionate about anime character creator? And you are unaware of the process? No problem check the best anime streaming sites. I am here to direct you. With our best tips, you can easily create your own anime character directly through online without anyone’s help and exclude other software installs.

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All these steps are very much simple and easy to access. If you are interested in drawing your own anime/ if you prefer to write a fanfic to your favorite anime/ else if you like to make a character who is very much interesting and ultimately makes the various individuals read the story.

We here guide you how to write the ultimate and more interesting characters as well the process in clear and better understandable format. Let us go here and make your own anime character in a simple and easy way with this anime character creator.

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Simple Steps For Anime Character Creator

Finally, if you are looking for the steps, then you are interested to make your own anime character. Am I right? Fine, let me explain you in step by step process that might help to create an anime character in an outstanding way. So here we go in a more precise way in 4 different segments.


  • Finding their personality.
  • Creating compelling stories.
  • Drawing your character.
  • Improving the skills ultimately.



Finding their Personality

  • The very we need to decide their blood type. As it is one of the very common indicators provided at Japan. This might help you to decide what type of the character you are preferring further.
  1. If the person belongs to ‘O’, they might be confident, optimistic, self-centered and unpredictable.
  2. If he belongs to ‘A’, creative, reserved, responsible and tensed enough.
  3. For ‘B’ group people, active, passionate, selfish and much more.
  4. ‘AB’ then might be adaptable, rational, forgetful and critical.
  • According to the Western Zodiac sign or the eastern, all this would help you to determine the personality to the greater extent.
  • The user is asked to choose your own character’s age or the birth year and also the date of birth optimally.


  • Now you can check the Myers-Briggs personality test. As such all these personality types will be based on the study of psychology and will be more helpful in developing your characters personally.
  •  In order to check how much you prefer to balance the character personality. It definitely requires a positive and the negative traits in creating a compelling, and believable character.
  • The user is requested to count all the negative and positive traits and also try to make all the negative traits slowly to the positive ones.
  • In conclusion, the character will be developed in order to overcome the very few of all the negative traits.
  • Just think about the pleasant name and give to it. Be sure as the mane must be unique always.
  • Few people trust in determining the name, will tell you all about the type of the personality you have or build upon.

    Creating Compelling Stories

  • The very first you are needed to identify the character’s goal.
  • And also the character’s start position. It means you should follow in a more logical way.
  • And now you should able to decide how to initiate and how to end. This is the most tricky way where if you perfectly thing about it, you may get some beautiful storyline and create anime character successfully.


  • You need to work with you as you are up to the character development.

Drawing your Character

  • Before initiating anime character creator,  try to adopt a new style.
  • Or use the natural style/ also can opt the look of classic artists for numerous genres.
  • Keeping in mind with all its eyes, looks, smile and much more, create an avatar with well-defined way.


  • Also, do add the accessories, clothing and much more in order to show the anime character maker in pleasant and most lovable look.

Improving your Skills

  • Need to study about human anatomy means none other than about its skills, like physic, the way they look, appropriate structure and much more.
  • You have to learn how the bones and other to be put on the paper while designing, Means where to bend, drawing the appropriate lines and much more.
  • The anime character designer generally requires some knowledge about the human life tendency and anatomy.
  • As Practice makes more perfect. In the same way, the more you practice, it helps you to design an outstanding look.


  • Do start to create an anime character by seeing your friends or you looking into the mirror. So that one or the other day, you might become a more perfect in doing so.
  • Do practice in all the different poses.
  • So do practicing and come up with the best and ultimate anime character.

Easy Way To Animania Character Creator In Simple Steps


Hopefully, you are well understood the whole process to create your own anime character. As a result, if you like to share any kind of significant information, feel free to share with us. For more doubts, comment on the below section. Therefore, if you like the article can share with friends and also on social networking sites. Do visit our ttop10 for more latest updates. Thank you for the visit.