Apps to Change Faces on Your Android and iPhone

Best Apps to Change Faces

Apps to Change Faces: Something very good about the world of applications is undoubtedly that we can laugh a lot. Applications to change faces are one of those categories that makes you spend time in a process that you then show to your family and friends, feeding your ego of mockery towards whoever you changed your face with replacing faces. Regardless if you mock or not, today we want to show you some applications whose sole purpose is to exchange the faces of the characters immersed in them.

The applications allow you to experiment with faces in a very easy way, anyone can do it from your smartphone and it will not take more than a minute. In addition, to be able to fully enjoy the possibilities offered by your Smartphone, you can also join the photos and send them to all your contacts.


Apps to Change Faces

Here are some of the best apps to replace the face and we call them as face exchange app or face replace app. You can see the apps below and use them on your android and ios device. Check the best app to switch faces.

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Top Apps to Change Faces

Check some of the Apps to Change Faces on your smartphone. There are many other application to change faces but we have provided the best ones for you. See the apps below and start using them on your device.

Exchanging Face

This is a very popular application and more since the boom of changing face between father and baby son, was very fashionable. The use of Swap Face is very intuitive and it is enough that you interact a few minutes with the application so that you become a pro in the exchange of faces. Among the main features of this App is automatic face detection, scale management, ie larger or smaller according to your edition; You can also stabilize and add objects and of course, the main reason for the application: Swap Face in a photo. Share your changed faces with this App on social networks.

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Change Faces Funny

It is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding and the easiest to use. The application helps the user by marking on the screen the place where he should place the faces to be exchanged. If there is good lighting and the placement is correct, the exchange occurs immediately and in real time, taking a photo capture, or a video several seconds in length with the result. The final capture can be easily shared on social networks or other Apps like WhatsApp. Simple, fast and free. Even animal faces and rare things will be available to change faces.

Face Changer

With this App you can make all kinds of face modifications, deform, mold, add accessories and send the pictures to your friends. You can place funny smiles, bigger or smaller ears, another eye color and scars, to completely change your face or that of any other character whose photography you can easily obtain from the Internet. Available on Android, requires Android 3.0 and higher.

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Surely you have heard or know the application, where you can add filters to change the face, the Snapchat Lenses. It’s very easy, you just have to press the face and the strip will appear with the available filters, where you will get romantic, sad, evil and innocent characters, you just have to publish in ” my story ” and that’s it. Available for iOS and Android. Remember that life is more fun and you put a bit of humor to your day to day, do not think about it anymore, download the App and have fun editing your photos.

Face App

This application works with neural networks to make the change of your face with another image or single with total success modifying the most striking expressions of the photo. If you liked an image that you took but have left a bit grumpy, do not worry, Face App will make your expressions look more cheerful, as well as you can discover how you will look in 20-30 years and why not? You can also discover how you would be of the opposite sex.


Having the option to choose some of your photos or images from your gallery or capture one immediately from your rear or front camera. Access the fun options that the app has for you and continue to share it on your favorite social networks like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter or through instant messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Cut Paste Photos

Create fun photos with the reduction or cut of the contour of the face of who you want and mix it with animals, objects or other people. You also have the option to remove the background you do not want in your photo with just cut it, it is an ideal application for face-to-face exchange. If you have several photos with changed faces, you can organize in the same app, a collage without the need of Grids or mixes with any other image that you contain in the gallery of your smartphone. Application available for Android and iOS devices.

YouCam Makeup

This application is in the list of most downloaded. Bring many more options than other makeup applications. With this application to change faces you can be your own stylist in your portraits. Select a photograph and place the makeup that suits your face best, you can also make manual changes where you choose the color of the base, lips, rouge for the cheeks, shadows, mascara, eyebrows and so you will know what combinations go best, leaving your spectacular photographs and without much effort. Available on Android and iOS.

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Facenjjang is available for smart devices with Android operating system and for free although, within the app you can access several premium options with certain purchases. This application basically works to make funny videos by cutting and adding our face or that of any other person. How is this possible with just adding our face? It is extremely simple, you just have to use the front camera function to take a “Selfie” from the app, and Facejjang will automatically locate your face and cut it to add it to the fun animations you will find in the gallery. After this, just enjoy the video montage and share it with your friends and family through your favorite social networks.


With these apps to change your face you will spend your time flying. Tell us what other applications do you recommend? Here we are providing the Apps to Change Faces you can use them on your device and let us know. Finally Visit ttop10 for more information.