Ares Wizard Not Working on Kodi Fix issue

Are you not able to find ares wizard right now? Well not a big problem you can download ares wizard and use it, if you get any issues fix from here. All the URL used now might return 404 error causing ares wizard problems and in that case, most of all the pages on the web previously linked to the URL also went offline. And here we are going to learn why we get the issue ares wizard not working 2017 similar to spinz tv wizard error in a very short period.  Also, there are some alternatives that work faster and do not get any kind of issue at the time of installation.

Kodi is the open source media player which allows all the users to play the numerous movies and shows cast on their devices. Once if that get modified with the help of add-ons, can also be used to play more practically any kind of video on the internet. Ultimately this can be controlled with the help of a smartphone or through remote control.


ares wizard not working

At times users are shocked to see ares wizard error. Moreover, at times the kodi is accused as one of the tools used for watching all the content with no permission of copyright holders. As such there are numerous add-ons for kodi which was watched from the official sources.

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Fix Ares Wizard not working Issue

The primary Ares Wizard developer has ini9tiated to start working on the Ares Project forum that he had been served in the form of the letter through Motion Picture Association (MPA). And this is completely according to their updates, who the person reposted it to Reddit. And as per the developer views and expectations, who goes by the name “Tekto,” as a letter claimed that he exactly is the breach of both E.U. and U.K. law. This is to offer all the add-ons and also repos that exactly carries the whole links to copyright-infringing content.

So in response to that particular letter, The Tekto and other developers started working seriously on the Ares Wizard which has taken down the repo. Moreover, promised that it will never return, starting from “let me be 100% clear. We will not be bringing back the Ares Wizard, Ares Portal or the Ares Repo, ever.” In a Recent era, all the Kodi repositories that held infringing third-party addons always argued as they were not in breach of the law. This is because all the individuals did not provide the genuine content themselves, but provide just links to content.

However, they made it clear that all the Kodi repos can be definitely held as liable only if they do not purge infringing addons. Once presented with the exact reason, Tekto, the developer agreed that developing all the add-ons that link to infringing content will be completely illegal. As a result, they decided to shut down the Ares Wizard repo forever and lead to ares wizard not working issue. Also, worked for the best alternatives towards Ares wizard repo and moved forward.


Ares Wizard Common issues

One of the most common issue of ares wizard is Failed installs, this results in black screen and black icons, or build backup that may not install the app. There can be lot if issues that may be arised but the most common ones are the black screen in krypton. In order to fix this issue you need to have a file manager option available, if not simply follow the steps below:

  • Go to android locate device and scroll to kodi and then clear the data.
  • Next for the fire tv OS: go to Home >> Settings >> Applications >> Manage Installed Applications >> Scroll to Kodi >> SPMC, FTMC >> Clear the data
  • In Windows Press Win+R key to Run Dialog, Type %appdata% and enter OK. Delete the folder and Restart the Kodi.
  • In Linux delete the contents from (general) ~/.kodi/userdata/. Relaunch kodi app.

After clearing the data it is recommended to force stop and relaunch kodi/SPMC/FTMC etc. You can simply reboot your device Also allow the kodi to update for itself.

Alternatives to Ares Wizard

Once the Ares Wizard got shut down, users are in search of other add-ons. If in that case have a look at below alternatives work quickly. In general, few of the repos will maintain a certain policy. This in return provides the access to the whole pirated material. Well, feeling difficult to understand, not an issue. Have a look at below alternatives so that you can use them instantly.

  • SuperRepo
  • Looking Glass repo
  • repo
  • Eracknaphobia’s repo
  • Fusion Indigo installer
  • Wookie Wizard


SuperRepo is one of the best alternative and available in the whole market. Also, does not contain any of the infringing add-ons likewise 1Channel and also the Icefilims. If the user is likely to prefer to use this SuperRepo, we will recommend only a few installing add-ons. In turn helps to watch all the licensed sources and larger than any of the Kodi repo.


Looking Glass repo

Well, this is again one of the currently working addon and available all over the market. This generally contains few of the infringing addons likely Serendipity. And we suggest you few addons from the repo watched through licensed sources.

spinz-tv-wizard-error repo

Do you getting ares wizard not working issue? no problem. If you prefer to find out a music video or the sports add-ons, the repo is the best. Also you can say this as outstanding replacement towards ares wizard repo.


Eracknaphobia’s repo

The Eracknaphobia’s repo has come with a strict anti-piracy policy and preferred by the numerous individuals. All this should be available on the web for long lasting years to come. Considered as best in the market according to present scenario.


Fusion Indigo Installer

Well, the present fusion indigo installer available from the TV Addons is not like any other Wizards available on the market. This is more than a program addon and pretty enough acting similar to the wizard. We genuinely thought as it should add this to the list without any fail. Also, still does a lot especially for the Kodi user.


Wookie Wizard

While coming to the Wookie Wizard, it is another classic wizard acts like the Ares Wizard. If you get ares wizard not working error, can make use of this particular add-on without any doubt. One can say as this is the exact replacement of Ares. It is been around for awhile. And now you can find a lot of content along with a bunch of community builds, addon packs, tools, and much more.


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