Battery Saver Apps For Android and iOS

Best Battery Saver App for Android: Now days every person complain of his smartphone’s battery. Your phone may be how much advanced in terms of its features but on battery front it is weak and that is the case with almost all android smartphones. Whenever you go to some holiday you have to carry with yourself 2 phones. One is smartphone to watch movies and play games while the other one is your basic nokia or Samsung game for battery prospective.

These basic phones give you battery life of about 2-3 days while smartphone just give you only some hours of battery life. I must say our smartphones are quite bad on battery prospective. Also with your smartphone you must have tried many things like keeping the net off when not required and keeping your wallpaper as black. Not only this but keeping the brightness as low and putting GPS off will surely save your smartphone’s battery but that too by just 1-2 hours.


Battery Saver App

You generally get frustrated that the time you need your smartphone the most; your smartphone’s battery is no more. Isn’t it frustrating? Yes It is. We need to get some reliable apps which can definitely increase your battery’s life you can also see the top skins for kodi. Most of the apps are just fake as in reality they don’t even increase the battery life rather they are the main factors of detonating battery life. But here we will tell u some good apps which will surely help you in increasing the battery life. Let us look at some easy battery saver apps which will help you for sure.

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Easy Battery Saver Apps

Some of the battery saver apps for android and iphone are listed below, simply have a look at them and know more.


It is android battery saver which works only for those smartphones which are rooted. It analyses and finds the applications which are heavy and draining your battery a lot. Also then if you are not using those apps it will put them to hibernate. It will put them to wake lock i.e. for applications like Facebook which just heavily drain your battery. Also some apps in your phone get started automatically but this app will put them to end. As they are not the main processes which are necessary for start-up.

best battery saving apps


It is extremely lightweight as it is very light. Amplify consumes very less CPU and RAM. This is really a very good app for android which will really save your purpose. Go ahead and use this app. You will definitely be happy after using this app.

DU Battery Saver

This is surely one of the decent battery saver app which can increase your battery’s life by 50%. Also if you go for pro version you can increase the battery’s life by 70%. It only allows healthy charging so that the battery won’t get unwanted charging. If you click on Optimize button which is present in home page then it will block all apps which are unwantedly consuming battery’s life. It changes the CPU frequency in rooted phones so that battery can remain for long time.

battery saver app for android

It will also block the apps which unnecessary start at the start-up of your smartphone. These apps consume lot of RAM and CPU due to which battery starts denigrating. So just go for this app; you will love this app.

Battery Saver 2016

This is best battery saver app in making your smartphone’s battery life good. It will let you know the applications which are draining the battery very much. It has features to control WIFI, GPS, Airplane Mode and Brightness so that you can control those features which can naturally improve your battery’s life.

best battery saver app

These all features can be done by your phone itself but controlling all of them in a single interface is easy. It will make you aware that these things can surely improve your battery’s performance. With task manager also you can kill the process. So you can go for this app. This will definitely help you.

Android Battery Saver Apps

We got to know about 3 best battery saver android apps. Popularity of all of these apps is good and you will really have a good time by using these apps. These apps will increase the battery performance. Also, we will soon learn about 2 battery saver for android apps which will also help you like best root apps for android. These 5 battery saver apps are good in their respects. Let us look at them.


It is best battery saver for android which can be used by smartphones which are rooted as well as non-rooted. It will tell you in detail that how some applications are using battery life by large amount. The time the applications get initiated and then for how much time they consume CPU are taken care by Greenify. You can then block these devices from starting at the start-up of the mobile phone.

battery saver apps

It makes sure that the apps don’t consume much of the battery’s life. Greenify is free of use. This is a really very good app which most of the people use now days. Let us look at now last app which can increase battery’s performance.

Avast Battery Saver

It is one of the good battery apps android which can increase battery’s performance as it is made by one of the most renowned company Avast. It also let you control your phone’s feature with its single interface like brightness, GPS, Wallpaper, internet connection and much more. They only allow healthy charge. It detects the apps which are consuming more power and thus it doesn’t allow them to run. Also based on usage of apps it will let you estimate the time left for battery to work.

battery saver apps for iphone

If you will use this app your battery life will increase by 50%. It will hibernate the apps which are not good for your battery. Just go for these app you will definitely be happy when your battery will work for long time.

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We have looked at 5 awesome battery saving apps. These all are very good in increasing the battery’s performance. These all will eliminate the apps which are increasing the extra pressure on battery of your smartphone. No doubt, these all are power saving apps in order to make your task easier. Now we should not worry to carry 2 phones after installing these apps on your smartphones. These will definitely going to increase the battery life by 50% visit Aljum for more information. Just use them and all the best!!