8 Reasons to Become CCNA Routing & Switching Certified with Best Materials from ExamSnap

Reasons to get CCNA Certified: A successful career in networking requires a proper professional foundation. Choosing the right way to acquire your professional skills can make you stand out from ordinary employees. Also, IT certifications add value to the business.

According to the analysis by International Data Corporation, organizations that have employed certified IT professionals have experienced an increased value in their businesses. This shows the importance of equipping individuals to add the much-needed value in enterprises.

CCNA Certified
Ten Reasons to Get a CCNA Certification

Without any doubt, Cisco has earned itself a position of an industry leader when it comes to equipping professionals with IT skills. CCNA Routing and Switching is one of the leading and most popular Cisco credentials. Before we go deep into why you need to become certified in CCNA Routing & Switching, let’s first look at what this credential is all about.

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CCNA Routing & Switching certification and exams

This credential validates your skills in networking basics. The areas covered include network fundamentals, LAN fundamentals and technologies, WAN technologies, routing fundamentals, infrastructure services, and infrastructure management. To qualify for this certification, you have to pass the relevant exams. You can follow one of the two paths available. For the first one, you can take the composite CCNA 200-125 exam only. The second path involves passing two exams, namely, CCNA 100-105 (ICND1) and 200-105 (ICND2) https://www.examsnap.com/.


So, what are the reasons to become CCNA Routing & Switching certified?

If you choose wisely, IT certifications will boost your career in a significant way. This particular certification is a sure way to make you stand out in the marketplace. So, if your desire is to meet new challenges and opportunities that will propel your growth, then this credential is for you. Let me show why you need to earn this certification. Read on.

  1. No prerequisites

You can always pursue this certification even if you have only basic IT knowledge. This makes the certification easier and more accessible to anyone who is just starting their IT career and looking to advance it further. This is the best place to begin your career in IT.

  1. You’ll be certified by an industry leader in networking

CCNA Routing & Switching credential is a prestigious achievement. Cisco is a well-known pioneer in routing and switching related technology. Attaining this certification implies that you’ll stand out because of your skills and knowledge. This means more growth opportunities for you.

  1. More marketable in-demand skills

Most hiring managers prefer Cisco certified professionals because of their unique skills. CCNA R&S certified experts have been taken through a rigorous training and exam process that ensures that they are well-equipped to deal with any networking issues arising in their workplace. Note, that the most updated training material (exam dumps, training courses) is available at ExamSnap website.

CCNA Routing & Switching Certified

Also, the fact that Cisco updates its credentials to match the evolving IT trends means that your skills will remain up to date. Earning this certification will give you an upper hand when it comes to being hired.

  1. Advancing to higher certifications means more career options

As mentioned above, CCNA Routing & Switching is an associate-level credential that gives you room to pursue related and more advanced certification levels. Using the prep material from Cisco official website and a reliable online platform ExamSnap, you can progress through professional-level CCNP Routing & Switching and become an expert with Cisco CCIE. You can also opt to venture into other Cisco certification tracks like the cloud, data center, collaboration, network programmability, security, and wireless. You will not be limited to a particular path. This means that you can advance to these other tracks on the basis of your personal and career goals.

  1. You are equipped for any challenges in the workplace

CCNA R&S professionals are known to be hands-on. Their rigorous training ensures that they are well equipped for any workplace challenges that necessitate the use of their skills. Earning this credential demonstrates your ability to focus on finding and providing solutions to any challenges that may arise at work.

  1. Ability to advance your career and get promotions

As you progress to higher certifications, you will be more likely to get a promotion at your workplace. The more skilled you become, the higher the chance of being given a promotion. Cisco CCNA R&S and the advanced certifications give you an opportunity to be considered for supervisory roles. They allow room for upward mobility.

  1. Earning higher salaries

One of the most important benefits you’ll get as a certified employee is the potential to earn more. IDC reports that organizations that have been interviewed agree that certified professionals earn 15% more than their counterparts with no certifications. CCNA R&S certified individuals currently earn up to $110,000 per year, according to Glassdoor job search engine. The more experienced you are, the higher the salary that you’ll command.

  1. Ability to stay current

Once you obtain your certification, you are required to renew it every 3 years. This means that any new technological trend in your career field will not pass you. Cisco ensures that its certifications are always current and up-to-date. This is because of the constant innovations engineered by modernizers and other industry stakeholders. Updating of credentials will ensure that professionals are conversant with the latest trends so that they can fulfill their duties successfully in the workplace. Latest curriculum revisions by Cisco incorporate the elements and applicability of QoS (Quality of Service), firewall functions and interactions, wireless controllers and access points, and a greater focus on network security and IPv6. With this certification, you’ll be sure of your skills and knowledge remaining current because you’ll always have room to update them.


How to become Cisco certified?

Since Cisco is a leading IT vendor, it’s exams have never been easy. Still, the more prepared you are, the more chances you have to pass the certification exam/s on your first try. While searching the Internet, visit ExamSnap website- one of the most trusted online platforms that offer materials for exam preparation. A number of the most updated dumps with questions and answers are available for you. Some of them are free for downloading, some need to be paid for. Still, what matters more is the quality, as they have been uploaded by the real exam takes, which mean that they are the most reliable.

Being available in .vce format, they can be opened with the VCE Software- the best tool which simulates the real exam environment and enhances your exam preparation. In addition to exam dumps, ExamSnap offers you to take a training course. Here the IT expert will give you the details on the exam which you won’t find anywhere else. And for added convenience, the required study guide can also be at your disposal.

Final thoughts

Having gone through the reasons why you should attain CCNA Routing & Switching, I believe you have now seen the need to pursue this unique and prestigious certification. The opportunities to gain skills that are in high demand, stand out from your peers, grow your career, and earn a higher salary cannot be ignored. This certification is no doubt invaluable, and you can never go wrong with it. So, be well-prepared for the exam/s using the most valid prep materials from ExamSnap and become certified easily. Good luck!