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Top Android Phone cleaner app

Best Android Phone Cleaner App: Optimize Our Android mobile or Android Tablet is what we always do after having bought one. With the passage of time the system starts to get slow, some lags appear in games or applications and to top it off we get a notification that there is not enough storage space. But quiet is not necessary to put the device on sale in a second-hand site, you just need to try and install the best application to optimize, accelerate and free space in Android.


In ZonatopAndroid we have made a list of the best applications to download for free with a small description so you can install the one that suits your needs and resources.

best android phone cleaner app

PS: If the battery is failing or the charge does not last you can read some battery optimization tricks with small adjustments in Android and some applications recommended.


Best application to accelerate, clean and optimize your Android

Most applications functions in Android versions Kikat, Lollipop, Marhmallow and Android Nougat.

1- APUS Booster + Small, effective

This app clears more than 50% of memory compared to other applications, by pressing just one button to optimize it and free up memory of useless files and in this way leave more space for more documents, this app has 3.4M in size and is available for all mobile devices.

best android phone cleaner app


2- AVG Cleaner + Battery Saver

With this application you will be able to eliminate applications that use a lot of mobile data in a quick and easy way, also receive a notification reminding you of the optimization of your device when necessary, increasing the speed of its use.

AVG Cleaner

3- All – In – One Toolbox (Cleaner)

An excellent application that focuses mainly on cleaning garbage on your device, increase performance by freeing RAM and managing apps that get stuck at startup and repair some problems of installed apps.

In addition to having a suite of tools among which is:

  • New Swype that serves as an app launcher from a corner.
  • CPU cooler
  • installation of packages (APK files) per batch
  • Complete uninstall of apps and games.
  • Backups
  • Disable system apps
  • Transfer apps to an SD card
  • Accelerate the Start
  • File Manager
  • Collection of extensions to enhance the application. But it has to be downloads separately.

4- Advanced Task Manager

Manage all your installed applications, show the battery life of your device, it is a fast uninstaller, free memory, speed up the operation of your phone, save battery … etc. Its more than 300 thousand users recommend it, download it now !.

advanced task manager

5- SD Maid- System Cleaning Tool

The applications that you eliminate, usually leave residues, this is why this app helps you not to happen more and you release more memory, improving the operation of your device when using tools such as: Application control, waste search, cleaner system, file manager and improve the size and performance of databases.

6- SuperB Cleaner (Boost al & Clean)

Increase the speed of your mobile by 50% and the performance of your battery by 20%.
Make the CPU of your mobile does not overheat by excess of stored files in the memory and manage your own files to place them in the ignored list and in this way increase the speed of your device.

7- CCleaner

Eliminate trash safely and increase the speed of your phone, recover storage space, free of ads and advertising, uninstall applications quickly and optimize your mobile device in a safe way.

8- DU Speed ​​Booster & Optimizer:

Improve the performance of your cell phone by up to 60%, using the tools that this application offers, such as: speed accelerator, trash cleaner, advanced application manager, smart loading, improvement in the SDS for games between other.

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9- Go Speed ​​(Garbage Cleaner)

Increase the speed of your phone up to 60% with Go Speed, the app that helps you free up space in your memory, through functions such as: Exterminator of apps pre-installed by the same device, which you can not erase, cleaner of junk files, app manager, storage cleaner, notifications switch etc.