Best App to Hide Apps For Android

Best hide app for android

Every day there are millions of users who flock to platforms or app stores to install new apps on their mobile phones and they search for best app to hide apps. And it is that nowadays, we can find applications for almost everything, tools to work, to add new functions to the mobile, to manage our photos, files or applications, etc. However, it may be that some of these applications that we have installed on the mobile phone are not visible to anyone who may have our phone in their hands. Next, we will show you how to hide apps on your mobile.

First of all, we must know that hiding applications in the mobile depends on the operating system we have and the manufacturer of the mobile, since some personalize the interface and offer certain options that others do not have. Anyway, we can always use some applications that allow us to hide applications on the phone regardless of the manufacturer, operating system or system version we have.


Best App to Hide Apps

So if you want to hide apps on android then you can either choose an application or you can use the launcher applications to hide the apps. Here are the hide apps android you can check them below.

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How to hide apps on Android

Although the latest versions of Android already allow you to hide applications from your own system settings, the truth is that we can always take advantage of other applications that allow us to hide applications in any version of the system. For example, the launcher is an option when you want to hide applications on your Android phone, yes, in some this option may be within the premium or payment options.

Best App to Hide Apps in Android

If you want the best app to hide apps for your smartphone then you can simply check the list below. Here are some of the android hide apps.

DU Privacy Vault

DU Privacy vault is one of the best app to hide apps in android, with this you can simply lock all the applications in your android and also you can hide photos and files using this application.
  • Lock Apps and System Settings that are important to you.
  • Protect your privacy and nobody can use them.
  • Hide all the applications on your smartphone.

best hide app for android



Want to know how to hide an app on android, then you can use applock. This AppLock can lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls and any app you choose.

  • Prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy.
  • Ensure security.
  • AppLock can hide pictures and videos.

best app to hide apps in android

Nova Launcher Prime (Payment)

Maybe the best launcher for Android right now, on a general level. To hide applications in Nova Launcher Prime:

  • Tap on the Nova Settings icon (it’s in the applications menu).
  • Select “Applications.”
  • Choose “Hide applications.”
  • Mark the apps that are going to hide. It is not necessary to save the changes.
  • Uncheck the apps to uncover them.

Advice PRO : These are powerful launchers, which among many of its features, have the option of GESTOS. Through it you can enter hidden applications by drawing gestures on the main screen. For example, make a pinch on the desktop to open WhatsApp. This way you do not have to uncover the application to enter it.

Launcher to hide applications

When the phone does not offer the option to hide applications (or is limited, as mentioned above), it is necessary to install an application to hide applications (forgive the redundancy). That is the case of some Motorola Moto or Xiaomi.

That application is called launcher or launcher. There are many applications of this type in the Google Play download store. Next we highlight the two best free launchers for this task, as well as the best payment app.

ATTENTION : After downloading and installing any of the launchers below, touch the start button and select “Always” to leave the launcher permanently configured and proceed to hide apps. You can undo this configuration and then change to another launcher from the launcher settings or by deleting the default values .

ADW Launcher 2.0 (Free)

To hide applications do the following:

  • Open the application menu.
  • Touch the menu button (top right).
  • Choose the option “Edit” on the first line that says All Apps.
  • Uncheck all applications that are going to hide.
  • Click on OK.
  • To unhide the applications and make them visible again, redial them.

Apex Launcher (Free)

To hide applications in this case proceed as follows:

  • Tap the Apex Settings icon (it’s in the home screen or application menu).
  • Select Applications drawer options
  • Click on Hidden Applications.
  • Mark the applications that you want to hide
  • Touch on the Save button.
  • To unhide applications, repeat the process but uncheck the applications and touch Save.

Hide apps is not safe

Although applications are hidden using a best app to hide apps, but they can still be accessed from the recent applications button on the device. You have to be careful to remove them from that list.

On the other hand, this is a vulnerable method if a third person knows this procedure. In this case, the alternative is simply to protect the equipment completely with a lock screen or use a security application that individually blocks installed apps with a password.

Samsung Galaxy : Another alternative is to use the Secure Folder . There not only hide applications but are protected with a key.

Android 5 : A method that can be used to prevent others from seeing the applications installed on the mobile is to create an alternate user profile on the system that does not contain private applications. The user can change from one profile to another at will, although it can also be done by a person who has knowledge about it.

If the applications are not going to be used anymore, they can be uninstalled directly or disabled .

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Hope you have got how to hide apps on android, you can use the apps or launchers to hide apps on your device. There are many other android hide apps but best app to hide apps are provided in this article. You can visit ttop10 for more information.