Best Applications For Free Internet on Mobile

It is known that the mobile is a very important tool in today’s society, but what is a team of these without an internet connection? For many it is like going back to the past. The Wi-Fi and the data network is a technology that is making any electronic device have life whether it is a computer, tablets, iPad, PlayStation and more.

The connection to the network is necessary to be able to fully exploit these devices. However there are times when we do not have data or we just have a bad signal and we do not have access, so life becomes completely complicated. But this is not the end of the world since there are several ways to have free internet from your mobile.


Best Applications For Free Internet on Mobile

Luckily we have a help for you in this guide you can find the best applications to get internet without cost on your Android or iOS mobile. If you are thinking about going on a trip and taking your Smartphone with you, you will be interested in knowing everything about them. The platforms mentioned below work with all operators, so you should not worry about this.

Best Applications to Enjoy Free Internet

One of the reasons why you can always be looking for free internet is because of the high cost of the rates that do not allow us to have the data we would like. Another could be because at one time or another we can remain without coverage or without a mobile network.

It is there when we ask ourselves if there can be a way to connect, if there are applications to link us without cost and if so where can we download them. Well it is not always about looking well, if not knowing which ones are the best that is why in this part we will tell you everything you need to enjoy this free of charge.

Your Freedom for Android

This is an application that has been very good in recent years, because it allows you to connect to servers without credit and without using any type of data plan. Just enough to install it on your mobile device and access it to connect. It has an extensive configuration that allows you to make your work easier regardless of the server or telephone company you have.


It has a good development with those with 4G, LTE and 3G. Also serves as a bridge for those web pages where access to information is limited, since it is in a country that is not accepted by them. No doubt with Your Freedom you can navigate avoiding this type of restrictions when locating the IP in another point of the planet.

WiFi Map for Android and iOS

This program is a multi platform that works for iOS and Android devices. It is very popular in what is the Wi-Fi area, since it has an offline world map interface, where you can be located in a certain place by the GPS of your mobile device and observe a map with all the points of access to the network that are around.

WiFi Map for Android and iOS

Any network public or private is likely to have its own tab in WiFi Map Pro. Some of the passwords you can even see and include in the comments you can also see its stability and scope. Without a doubt it is very good for those who are looking for a tool to travel without internet.

Wiffinity for Android and iOS

This application is very useful if you spend your time traveling and do not have a good roaming plan and prefer to be connected to the Wi-Fi network. It is a very good app because it detects wireless networks that are in a close perimeter.

Wiffinity for Android and iOS

When this shows a map according to the position where you are there is a certain amount of public and private networks to connect to the hotspots of places using password protected networks.

Psiphon for Android

This is an open source platform that serves to have free secure and hacker free internet. You can get it for free for Android but for iOS it is a paid application.

The good thing is that it covers two very important things one that gives you access to sites that are blocked in normal browsing and the other side takes care of the mobile device of some external threat such as a fake network or possible hacks during some connection.

OpenVPN Connect for Android

This app allows you to manage any wireless network that is virtually private from Android mobile devices because it has a private VPN tunnel and an open VPN community, which will allow you to use all the functions of the open source program. The best thing about the tool is that it is not necessary for the computer to be root.

You can import information in Ovpn formats from the server, from a browser link and even from an SD card. Its installation can be somewhat tedious but when using it is very simple.