Best Apps for iPhone X

Best iPhone X Applications

If you just bought the new iPhone X you should know what are the best iPhone X applications that will improve the performance of your new phone and make your experience ultra sensorial. In addition, many of these applications are going to make you pass more than a good time, we are talking about the best iPhone apps. Keep reading and discover a new world in applications and tricks iphone X that you must have to get the most out of your new acquisition.

Do not worry if you still have an iPhone 6 or even an iPhone 5, since the applications we share below still work on these models and will bring out all that potential that you did not know your phone had.


best apps for iphone x

The use of phones such as the iPhone X has become so popular that more and more developers are forced to update their applications to adapt to this spectacular phone. Now get ready to take a walk through the best iPhone X applications that will make your mobile device the best in the world.

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Best Apps for iPhone X


Known by all, it is the most popular streaming video service in the world, and the best thing is that it is fully optimized to work on iOS, making it one of the best iPhone X applications for us.

best iphone x apps 2019


This application is one of the most important platforms for you to enjoy the best series and movies via streaming, and it is ready to download on your iPhone X; The plus of this application is that you can expand the videos to full screen without interfering with the tab in horizontal format. It is definitely one of the essential iPhone X apps.



Who does not use WhatsApp today? This messaging application already has a special version for the iPhone X. The best thing is that it incorporates the novel feature of facial recognition and gestures for you to have fun to the fullest. It is one of the best iPhone X applications indispensable for any iPhone.

Telegram X

Among the best iPhone X applications we find that Telegram also has its version optimized for this device, the best thing is that compared to the application for other models, this has a repositioning of icons, as well as functions designed only for iPhone X. the connoisseurs or rather the “freaks” of the telephony, recognize it as one of the best apps 2019.


With the mass of online purchases the new iPhone X could not run out of the PayPal application, which is the safest payment and transfer service so far, this application fits perfectly to your iPhone X.


If what you need is to organize your time to fulfill all your tasks, then this is another of the iPhone X applications that you need, install it and you will have an easy-to-use calendar, perfectly optimized for your iPhone X. Although it is considered one of the best iPhone apps, for us it is considered essential in our work life.

Google Photos

Do not lose your photos and images! With the official application of Google for management of images and photos optimized for iPhone X you can manage your multimedia files with security, since you have more space and performance linked to your iPhone X. We also take the opportunity to give you the advice you see in your application if you have synchronized with your gmail account, because if you did not know, you may be sharing with the world tooooooodo your photos, being public for everyone. So although it is one of the best iphone 2018 apps for us, you must also be careful with its configuration.


If you want to edit your own images and photos without complications you can not stop downloading the VSCO App, which in its latest version is 100% optimized for your iPhone X. A completely indispensable application for all those who love to use our mobile as a camera! For us one of the best iPhone apps.


With this application you can not only edit your images, but you can also count on a range of tools and image filters with which you will make perfect photos for every occasion. An application similar to the famous filters of our favorite Instagram application. One of the best iPhone X 2019 applications for any millennial.

Amazon Kindle

If you are one of those who like to read anywhere they are, then you should not stop downloading Amazon’s quintessential eBook reader, this is one of the iPhone X applications that allows you to take your favorite books and novels in comfort. from your pocket. Another of the essential iPhone X apps and for lovers of reading considered as the best iPhone 2019 apps.

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