Best Apps For LG Smart TV That Every One Must Use

LG Smart TV Apps List

Are you using a LG Smart TV then you can use your TV in a perfect way with these applications. Some of the best apps for lg smart tv are collected over here and are presented in this article. Some of the best lg smart tv apps that can be used on your tv are sorted over here and are provided for you.

Most of the users thinks that Setting LG Smart TV can sometimes be a kind of nightmare or a joke in bad taste. It is not that it is complicated, it is something new and all new requires a time of adaptation and learning. If you start using these free apps for lg smart tv then obviously you can learn more about the smart tv.


Best Apps For LG Smart TV

We can simply say this device is the future of us that has already arrived and that has revolutionized the way we watch television and access content. we choose what to see and when we want to see it. Today is the turn of the app for LG Smart TV. You can not miss it! Before start using your tv see lg smart tv apps list from us.

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Best Apps for LG Smart TV

Here are the best apps for smart tv that you can use and watch the movies, live tv, series and many more from the internet. If you install these apps then your TV becomes a small Cell phone for you. Check the best apps for lg from us.

Disney Channel

It is the best lg tv apps that you can use in your TV. It is the turn of the kings of the house. And what would a decent childhood be without Disney? With the Disney Channel app for LG Smart TV children can enjoy the most endearing Disney movies, from the classic to the most current. Yes, it is recommended for over 12 years, will it be for Star Wars?

best apps for smart tv


It also has Disney series and you can enjoy its content both a la carte (you choose) and live (see what they throw at that time). And on top it’s free! a la Carte

If you are a fan of the channels and programs that play on RTVE , this application can not be missing. The thematic night, Documents TV, The night in 24 hours, The 2 news, E Time, My kingdom for a horse, Red Eagle, Tell me how it happened, Know and Win.

And so we could continue and be days telling you what you can see on your LG smart TV with this fantastic application.

best lg smart tv apps

However, we prefer that you try it yourself and tell us. Of course, it is a free application that will allow you to watch programs, movies, series and documentaries without any type of limit. And if you have kids, take a look at the Clan RTVE app.

Eurosport Player

Thanks to the Eurosport Player app you will be able to follow the major sporting events from around the world live and on demand . The application has access to the most exciting competitions that occur throughout the world and has exclusive content that you will discover only if you install this app on your smart tv LG.

lg smart tv apps list

Within the application you can see Eurosport and Eurosport 2 channels without limits and completely free of charge. Tennis, soccer, basketball, volleyball. everything in the palm of your hand.


We explain ourselves When we wrote this entry for the first time, Netflix was an application for smart TVs that could only be seen in certain countries like the United States. However, we are very pleased that it has reached the smart TV channels in Spain and that is why we take up the post and update it. Netflix allows you to watch a lot of high-quality movies and series – even the latest releases. Its contents are among the most competitive in the market, and therefore it is necessary to include it in the list of mandatory apps for LG Smart TV (or any other brand). The best, that u choose when to see the contents, that above are without ads.

best lg tv apps

It requires a monthly or annual subscription that can be canceled at any time without hindrance, problems or anything. To enjoy!


Spotify is the best apps for lg smart tv. First of all this app will make the musical experience pleasant on our smart tv, you have many devices to search for artists, their albums, genres of music, all in one place. You can also create playlists of the melodies that we appreciate and relax anywhere.

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Facebook will now be part of Smart TV equipment, it is much better to have social networks at hand to keep up with what is happening in the world, we can change our states, comment on the photos that we like and rate any publication. So we can use this app for our tv. Finally we can say facebook is best.

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Finally We hope that with these applications for LG Smart TV you start to take advantage of one of the best inventions of recent times. Smart TVs are here and they are here to stay. Similarly tell us about your experience with your LG Smart TV (or any other Smart TV you have!). Hence visit ttop10 for more information on application for android or ios and even Smart TV. Above all applications will help you.