Best Call Blocking Apps for Android

Here are the best call blocking apps in the android to block annoying calls and threatening wrong calls. It is very irritating if somebody calls you again and again if you don’t want to talk to that person. Many of us will face the wrong call or spam calls problems once in the life.

To prevent those irritating and annoying calls we have to download any call blocker apps on the PC. So today we are going to know about the best call blocker android apps in this article. Please read about live tv apps for android.


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It is fortunate that you can block some numbers so that their calls cannot reach you. Isn’t it great, so now in the following lines I will let you know about most interesting call blocker apps so that you can block any number from your contact list. You can also block the unknown numbers so that they never call you again with that number. The following are the best call blocker apps for Android devices.

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Best Call Blocker Apps for Android

Here are the best call blocker apps for android and ios, simply have a look at these applications and know more.

Mr. Number

call blocking apps

This is the best app to block calls and it is free to download. This app will be available in play store. By this free app, you can block up to 20 contacts, if you want more call blocks then you have to pay for more hookups. Not only blocking numbers, it will also block spam messages without blacklisting the numbers.


It will also scans your call logs and identifies the spam numbers and blocks the. You can also set on your own what number to spam and what not to spam. so we can say this as the good call blocker app with better options and features.

Call Blocker Free

app to block calls

This is the best choice because this app doesn’t contain any ads and in-app purchases. You can download and use the app for free. This app has the full version and has best features. It will block all SMS, MMS and calls from the numbers which you have set to block. You can block the messages, videos in MMS and calls from a specific number with this app. This also has a different call block method in which you can set options like silent the call, aeroplane mode and also the answer hangup options.

In this app, you call all the numbers like private numbers, unknown numbers and some specific preset numbers. also set to get the notifications when you get a call from that blocked numbers.

Blacklist Plus

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It is the simple app with unique and most important features. Along with the call blocking feature. It has only one option to block the numbers, but there are many ways to blocked numbers.The most interesting aspect is that you can set to block the calls in a specific time range. So if you are in a meeting or any work, then you can block any calls you don’t want to pick up in that time.

It will give you password protection if you upgrade your app to the premium version. This version needs some money to be paid.


block calls app

It is the best option to choose. It is the very popular app in which you can block calls and also see the registered names of the unknown numbers so that you can stay protected from the annoying calls and messages from the unknown numbers. It is not perfectly a call blocker app, but a caller identification app. It will contain a huge database of caller ID’s so that you can know who are trying to call you.

Spam blocking system is the additional advantage in the app.Also, blacklist any number and also you can create a whitelist. The numbers added to the white list you will never be able to block that number in any situation.

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

phone blocking app

This is well known for its antivirus software. It will also offer call blocking feature in its latest version of the app. Well, comparing with the other apps, this app is low in featuring the call block option. But, as we all need an antivirus it will be the additional option us so that we don’t need to install an additional app. It will come from the trustworthy developer, so we can trust and install the app.

You can download this app to get both antivirus and call blocker app within the same app. You can try it once to blacklist the calls from spam and unknown numbers.

Calls Blacklist

app for blocking calls

This app for blocking calls is a pure blocker app through which we can block the calls. All the unknown numbers and also the numbers in your contact list can be added to the blacklist. If you want to block SMS also then we have to make this as a default SMS app. But, for call blocking, there are no restrictions imposed. this app also blocks spam calls which will come from other countries, tell callers etc. This app also had a whitelist feature just like this app.

In my view, you can use this app for the call blocking, because of it worth it and that too it is for free.

Safest Call Blocker

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It is one of the best call blocking apps This apps UI is very quick and Simple, it is the very good app to block apps. Here, you won’t need to search for the contacts. You can open this app and go to block list and add the number if it is an unknown number. Or else you can add a number from the contact list to add the number. There is a feature through which you can receive a notification if you get a call from that blocked list.

SO, we can see the good features in it. But the choice is your’s, my suggestion is to Download the app. The calls from the blocked numbers will not ring, still, you can check the in the history inside the app.

Final Words

So friends these are the best call blocking apps, messages and spam calls from your mobile. Hope you like these apps and want to download the apps immediately. So now you can download the app. Also, share this post with your friends on facebook and Whatsapp. Please say your opinion about this post in the comment section. Thank you for your time spent with us. Keep visiting for more ttop10 and top 5 posts, have a nice day guys.