Best Chrome extensions

Best Chrome extensions: Google Chrome is the most widely used browser because of its highly productive and extension rich behaviour. It can be used for multi-purpose. Google Chrome is such a browser that maximum number of extensions is available for it because of its popularity. People just love Google Chrome that’s why maximum of ours prefer Google Chrome over Mozilla Firefox and Internet explorer. Also Google Chrome doesn’t crash easily. There are so many extensions Google Chrome should have that you will get confused which one to choose. So here we are making sure that you can get the best Google chrome extension like selfie app. Hence you can take the best out of it. Let’s have a look at top 5 best Google chrome extensions.

Best Chrome extensions


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Best Chrome extensions- Extensions for Chrome

  1. Adblock Plus


It is perfect extension for chrome which helps your system to run fast. It will remove all advertisements from the sidebar of your Google Chrome. This extension is a perfect solution for those who want to get rid of ads, pop-ups and other Facebook ads. It doesn’t hamper all the advertisements as it allows those which don’t affect your web browsing. It is open source so you don’t have to pay any bucks in order to install this. This extension can be customized also. It thus protects your computer from all kinds of malware and infected advertisements. Adp will also ask you whether you want to block some advertisement or not. This doesn’t slow the processing of computer by taking CPU time. It also secure your online payments. So it increases. It also limits the browser to do auto fill options for credit card and all. So everyone must have this application. You should install it as soon as possible.

  1. Ever note Web clipper


It will save all your notes and web pages which you feel are most important. Evernote will also allow you to add notes and articles. This will help you in easy access of such notes and links. It can be easily added to Chrome. If you are reading an article on Web page then there are 2 options which come with this Ever note web clipper. One is read now and other one is read later. Read later saves the web page so that you can complete your article whenever you have time. Also it will allow you to share your articles with Facebook. This obviously is a very good feature which we always look at. Also you can create keyboards shortcuts to save the web pages to the browser.

  1. Google Calendar



With the help of Google Calendar you can create events. You can also create events when to visit a particular web page. Event based reminders are easy to do with Google Calendar. This is a must for those who easily forget about their meetings. It will remind you that some important event is there and you need to do something important. For example if you are having a important meeting and you have almost forgotten about it then this is of your use. Whenever you will use internet you will get to know that you have to attend important meeting. This is open source so you can get it for free. Try it once; you will never regret installing it.

Top Chrome Extensions

Now we have got to know about 3 Google best extensions which are going to make your task easier. All have their own uses and you are really going to have a good time after installing them in your Google Chrome. Now for other features we will look at some other best Google Chrome extensions. All will be unique in their own respect like top skins kodi. Let us look at some of them.

  1. Awesome Screenshots


It is perfect application who often takes screenshots of something important on Google Chrome. In it you install for free and you can take screenshots with such easy interface. It is very small in size so very less space will be used. With Awesome Screenshots you can take screenshots and edit them by adding effects like Crop, Blur, Lighten and others. Also when you have taken screenshot you will get direct option of uploading them directly to your Facebook or twitter account. It also works pretty well with Google Drive also. This is completely different application which everyone must use. Just go for it.

  1. Chrome Remote Desktop


It is perfect application for those who want to control your PC with the help of your android phone. In it you need to install Remote desktop application you need Google chrome and chrome remote desktop extension to be installed on it. Only then you will able to sync your mobile phone with your Computer. It will allow you to control your PC activities with the help of your phone. So just go for this app as you can even take print while giving command from your phone and also you can transfer you files from pc to phone and vice versa.

  1. StayFocusd


It is top chrome extension which will allow you to be focussed irrespective of the advertisements which come in our path. I know whenever we start using Facebook or any other application we just forget about time and keep wasting our time. At the end we realize that we have just wasted our time. So for this this is the best extension for chrome as it will block the site which are using for more than 1 hour. Also it will block Facebook, twitter when you will enable it so that you can concentrate on work. You must complete your work first then only use such sites. So this is a perfect site for you to be focussed. Just go for it. You will really have a good experience.


Hence now we have looked at top 6 Google best chrome extensions. All have their own features and with the help of them you will be very glad. You must install all of them and you can use them by having their own advantages. The all are free and also will consume very less memory and space. Just go for them. All the best !!