Best Chromebook Apps For Android and iOS

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Apps For Chromebook in 2018

Best chromebook apps: It is official that Chromebooks will be compatible with Android applications, which greatly enhances the functionality of these computers that do not stand out for their storage but for their good Internet connection. If you own a laptop with Chrome OS, here you will know which are the best apps for Chromebooks in 2018


When we look for apps for Chromebook in 2017 we must take into account the size of the screen of these laptops, which offer us a better visual than a smartphone. In the same way, these latpots are usually used to work, either preparing documents or using messaging networks such as Telegram to keep in touch with the office.

best chromebook apps

If you enter here you will know everything about the best chromebook apps.


Best Chromebook Apps 2018

Get the best chromebook apps to work in 2018. Here are the list of apps simply check out them.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft has competition when it comes to mobile devices, but if we refer to apps for Chromebook in 2017, Microsoft Office is still in the first place. If you download Word, Powerpoint, and Excel on your laptop, you will not need anything else to create documents.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the best way to organize your files in the cloud, which you can access not only from your Chromebook, but also from the terminal and the tablet. In many cases, when you buy the Chromebook, they give you a good amount of storage space in the cloud for a specific number of years.


Adobe Photoshop Express

Since Chromebooks can not download the full version of Photoshop, I want to add this list of the best apps for Chromebook in 2017 to Adobe Photoshop Express, which counts the basic functions and many of the advanced features of the famous photo editor.


Now that you can download Android apps on your Chromebook, do not hesitate to download TweetDeck so you can use the bird’s social network in a more complete way. I love your platform because in the same window you can see the flow of tweets, mentions and private Twitter messages. Likewise, it allows you to program tweets, which is very useful when we use this social network for work purposes.

Inbox by Gmail

The email should be our ally, but the truth is that it generates a lot of headaches because of the disorganization. That’s why I wanted to add Inbox by Gmail in the best apps for Chromebook in 2017 as it allows you to manage your inbox much better and perform more easily search functions , highlighted emails, reminders, etc.


Telegram has gained a lot of ground among the best instant messaging services, so it is used in the offices for co-workers to communicate with each other. Chromebook is a laptop that is usually used for work purposes, so the Telegram app is great for you to keep in touch with your colleagues without using your mobile.

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The truth is that there are many other apps for Chromebook in 2018 , and the choice will depend on your needs. If you have a busy schedule, you can download an app that helps you organize your itinerary (“My Personal Diary”) and if you are a cartoonist then an app like “Marker” is good for you. The truth is that Chromebooks now charge much more value, since Android apps make them more complete computers.