Best Cooking Apps for Beginners

10 apps to learn how to cook

Best Cooking Apps for Beginners: Your personal trainer on your mobile, the seven minute daily routine that will sculpt you like Adonis, the definitive exercise without leaving home (and without equipment, eye), legs like Ionic columns, tablet in thirty days … The app store, That virtual Teletienda in which we do itch, each time is more like the dream version of yourself.

Assume it, you’re not going to define abdomen by taking three jumps every morning even if Hulk Hogan’s shouts come from your phone’s speaker. It is much more practical, and with more obvious results on your torso, change category and give yourself to the kitchen. You will not lose calories but you will gain in happiness, in a curve of happiness. And do not forget that the stomach is also conquered.


Best Cooking Apps for Beginners

We present the top 10 of tested and free recipe-apps so you can become an ace in the kitchen. Believe us, these do work.

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Best Cooking Apps for Beginners

Have you ever wanted to become an expert in the kitchen ? Do you dream of preparing the perfect dish with which to completely conquer your family and friends?


No, it’s not Runtastic. We do not come here to do sports, we already said it. Runtasty is the “foodie” version without neglecting the healthy. It offers a variety of simple recipes (with video), tasty, fun and healthy, giving great importance to the nutritional components. For putting a snag, still does not have many.

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Cookidoo is one of the best recipe platforms that exist, with thousands of ideas to cook if you can not think of any. There is for any occasion, any level, any season. Its system of organization and classification is excellent and even allows you to plan shopping lists and modify personally the recipes that you save to add notes to your liking. His repertoire for Thermomix is ​​fantastic too.


Their developers say that, with it, you will cook again if you ended up disappointed. Why? Because it offers more than 10,000 quick, easy and explained recipes for “dummies” with photos and videos in detail and step by step. Many praise their searches by ingredient and, thanks to their audios, you will not have to touch the screen to read, in addition to that it stays on, it does not get stuck, so you do not stain the phone while you stew.


From 10,000 to 200,000 and shoot because it’s your turn. Cookpad is one of the most extensive recent apps to which you can contribute by uploading and sharing your own creations with the users. Some criticize that to see the list of most popular recipes have to pay, but, as in almost all, not everything is “by the face”.

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Healthy Recipes

Appetizers, first course, second course, dessert. and a super selection of healthy and natural smoothies. Everything for every moment, explained in a simple way and with integrated shopping list if you are missing something.

Kitchen Stories

Of the best for beginners and with an award design (awarded by Apple), presents recipes from around the world, classic, fast or elaborate, with step-by-step tutorial videos that are renewed every week. Shopping list and converter measures facilitate the work.

Vegetarian Recipes

The healthy reigns in the app store, at this point we have already realized. This is the web app that you have consulted dozens of times because it is one of the first that always appears in the search engine. In this case, the focus is the vegetarian and you can look for elaborations by types of dish, difficulty and by different varieties of the diet (lactovegetarian, cereals and grains …)

Cooking With Ana Sevilla

Among the most sought after is Ana Sevilla, the blogger who cooks furor. Thermomix, GM pot or as always are its main categories and, within them, the recipes are classified by ingredients and occasions. According to its “heavy users”, it gives some problems when it comes to browsing, but surely the result is worth it.

Other Similar Applications:

Nestle Kitchen

The brand proposes this application with more than two thousand videorectas and simple tricks, supervised by experts in nutrition, so that you never miss a good dish on your table. Each week there is also a balanced menu proposal for a full day. If you do not feel like searching, shake the phone and you’ll see what happens.


It is not for children, although it seems by the name, but to discover the little chef that is in you. Petitchef has a variety of well-explained recipes (more than one hundred thousand) and a daily menu to facilitate your daily routine it is one of the best cooking apps for beginners. Although its interface is not the most elaborate, the culinary base is great and without unnecessary complications.