Best Emoji Apps: Five free Applications to create your own emoji

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Five Free Applications to create your own Emoji

Do you want to customize avatars and create emoticons you can see the best emoji apps? Do not miss these applications to make an emoji from scratch on your mobile phone and celebrate, in passing, World Emoji Day.


Every year, every July 17 we celebrate World Emoji Day. Internet users have reserved this day to pay respect to those small drawings that brighten and enliven our conversations. We can not deny that, after Apple launched its first set of emoticons back in 2008, these symbols are completely rooted in our way of communicating in the digital era. However, this is not something new in humanity. Throughout history, we have used drawings to communicate with each other. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Some claim that emojis are a Japanese invention of the mid-90s, and others point out that the first emoticons were already present in Egyptian hieroglyphics. In fact, we could say that what you send to your friends on WhatsApp are hieroglyphics 2.0. But it’s not about discussing where the emojis come from. Now what we want is to create new ones and surprise, in passing, our contacts.


Create Personalized Emoticons from your Smartphone

In we propose a list of free applications to create personalized emoticons and avatars. Get ready to give free rein to your imagination and create the new flamenco WhatsApp.

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Bobble Keyboard

Maybe one of the best applications to create emojis from your mobile. In addition, you can make avatars, GIFS and use your photo to create new images. It’s free and available on both Android and iPhone . You can download it here .


Emoji Maker

If you want an intuitive application that allows you to easily create an emoticon, Emoji Maker is your application. It does not weigh much, and you have access to many templates. You can take a yellow circle and put eyes, hats, hairs or anything you want, but as long as it is in the app.

We are not going to lie to you, it is less creative than the others, but you will get a good result in a short time. You can download it here.


The most famous application for the customization of emoticons and avatars of the Internet. Its strong point is that you can take a selfie and turn it into an emoji. The dream of any WhatsApp user, to have an emoticon of yourself. It is also free and can be used in both Android and iPhone. You can download it here.


Although initially this application came only for iPhone, the developers have made Android users can also create and play with the app. The mechanism is more or less similar to BitMoji, you take a picture and from there you start to customize your icon. You can download it here.


In case you have not been satisfied with the templates of Emoji Maker, here we bring you his twin brother. The application includes a lot of options to create emoticons, they even make personalized proposals for the different seasons of the year. In fact, the developers have now released an updated version more summery. You can download it here.

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Hope you have got the best emoji apps with these you can create some new emojis on you choice.