Best E-Wallets You Must Try Out in 2019

Best E-Wallets To Use

Back in the 90s era if you owed someone $ 10, all you would do is pull out a crispy bill from your conventional wallet and hand it to the concerned person. Nowadays, cash usage is becoming less and less common and transferring money from one person to the other has become easier than ever!

Regardless of whether you want to send some money to your roommate, relative, friend or anyone else, for anything like your share of a party, a restaurant check etc, there are some amazing e-wallets that can get the job done in a jiffy.


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Let’s take you over three such e-wallets you must check out in 2019. It’s also important to note here that e-wallets are absolutely safe to use. They come equipped with high-end encryption features, password protection and transaction limits to safeguard you from any mishaps.

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Having started in 1998, PayPal is considered the granddaddy of all the payment companies out there. It became popular because of its association with eBay, as the primary payment provider and digital wallet of the platform. It has grown by leaps and bounds in the online payments industry ever since its inception.

With PayPal e-wallet you can easily transfer money from and to any bank account in the United States, as well as various foreign accounts. You are not charged anything for transferring money to friends or family from your bank account or PayPal balance, but a small fee is charged if you send from your credit card and if currency conversion is involved.




Also owned by PayPal, Venmo is a slightly different application than its parent company’s. It’s an app designed specifically for sending money to friends in cases where there is an embedded social aspect involved. Although you can sign into Venmo from your desktop/laptop, it was primarily built for mobile usage, while being on the move.

It’s very popular with the youth in big cities where it is commonly used for reimbursing friends at eating joints, doing away with the hassle of splitting checks. Students also use Venmo extensively for sharing roommate expenses. It can even be used for transacting at business establishments these days. You can send money through Venmo free of cost, using your linked bank account/debit card. Here’s a piece on how to Venmo like a millennial!

Google Wallet

Google has rapidly made big strides in the e-wallet industry, courtesy its hugely popular app Google Wallet. The application enables you to do almost everything that can be done online, including sending and receiving money. It is unique in terms of its easy integration with the various other Google products, Gmail included. And talking about Gmail, yes, you got it right, it’s possible to send money through email with Gmail and Google wallet connected with each other! In fact, anyone who has a Google account, is already signed up with the Google Wallet service.

As is the case with majority of Google products, Google Wallet is also very user friendly and well-designed. As of now, there is no fee charged for using this e-wallet.