GoPro Alternatives: Action Camera Like GoPro 2019

Know about the GoPro alternatives. GoPro is the brand when we think of capturing action scenes and it records pretty well that till now we have not looked at some other brand. Isn’t it? But yes the cameras are somewhat costly that’s why not everyone likes them. It comes in various models which start at approximately 200$.

Also there is one other problem and that is portability. The cameras are quite bulkier that carrying them is always a big problem. So because of these problems and priorities people have started looking for GoPro.


GoPro alternatives

Check the best gopro alternatives from us from below. Have a look at them and know more.

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Cheap Gopro Alternatives

So here we are making you aware of some other very good GoPro alternatives which can also serve your purpose very well. They will solve your problem of cost and portability also see best game recording software. Let us look at them one by one.

  1. Drift Stealth 2

best gopro alternative

The brand is the most trustable brand and perfect alternative to GoPro as it is there in market for more than a decade. It can be mounted anywhere and with the help of which you can take picture from any angle. It has got a 300 degree rotating lens which makes everything very easy. It is not bulkier rather it is very sleek so that portability won’t be problem now. It has 12 MP camera with the help of with you can take slow motion and fast motion videos at 720p and 1080p respectively.


You can install Drift app on your phone and then you can operate your camera with the help of your smartphone. Isn’t it good? It has 1500 MAH battery which can help you recording photos and videos for 3 hours continuously. It also supports card up to 32 GB so that you can expand the memory storage. This camera comes with total package of USB cable, Goggle mount, Curved adhesive mount and much more. The body of the camera is not waterproof so you need to find a solution over there. Rest this camera is a master piece. Just go for it. You will definitely forget GoPro.

  1. Contour ROAM3 – Cameras like Gopro

Top Gopro Alternative

It is a very classy camera and best GoPro alternative which everyone these days desire for. It has cool aluminium body and it has a 270 degree rotating less which makes your picture look more than realistic. It is water proof which was the problem with earlier one. You can click your photos in single shot as well as interval shots. Also you can record your videos 1080p and 720p. It also supports SD card which can expand the internal storage by 32 GB. It has itself 8 GB internal memory.

The MAH of the battery is such that you can continuously take 3.5 hours of videos. Isn’t it superb? Yes it is. But this camera lacks wireless connectivity so that you can share the photos without any USB cable. I guess seeing all above features we can neglect this one. It also comes with various mounts. The camera comes for 89$ and whole package can be bought in 133$. Just go for this camera if you want a sleek camera with water proof feature.

  1. Xiaoyi Yi Action Camera

alternatives to gopro

This camera is best for those who are looking for some cheap action cameras and good alternative GoPro. It will make you happy no doubt. It has 16 MP cameras with 155 degree rotation lens. It let you record your videos at 1080p. Comes with different kind of video modes. Also it is not waterproof. Yet the camera looks quite cute from outside. It has 1010 MAH of battery and it has wireless connectivity with which you can share your photos without any USB cable. It doesn’t come with any mounts but you can buy it from outside. Not a big problem. You can buy at cost of 76$ on amazon and this is the reason why maximum people want to buy it.

Camera’s Similar to Gopro

So we have looked at some cheap GoPro alternatives. All are awesome and are quite sleek. The costs of all of them are less than the master piece. Whatever the case, price will always be factor in customer’s mind as every customer is not a billionaire who can buy cameras like GoPro. We have to look at our budget and then take a wise decision. So now we should look at 2 more cameras which can also be good competitors for GoPro.

  1. SJCAM SJ5000 Camera

camera's like gopro

It is cheaper alternative to GoPro. This has 2 inch HD display and has 170 degree lens and the photos can be zoomed by 4x. The videos can be captured at 1080p. There are carious videos capturing modes available. It has Wi-Fi connect so you can share the photos without USB cable. It has battery of 900 MAH with which you can record continuously 70 minutes. Also comes with so many mounts. Also it has waterproof nature so you don’t need to buy a waterproof cover for your camera. It cost is just 115$. You can go for it if you are just looking for a cheaper alternative.

  1. Sony AS50 – best alternative to gopro

gopro alternatives 2018

It is in total a very decent camera and GoPro cheap alternative which you can use for recording all action videos. It has 170 degree lens with which you can take awesome features. You can record your videos at 1080p and you can provide lapse of 4k. You can also add SD card into it to expand its internal storage to good number. It has wireless connectivity with which you can control your camera with the help of Sony smart watch. This feature is just awesome when you control your camera with the help of your smart watch. The battery is such that you can record for continuously for 150 minutes. The camera is waterproof. All the qualities of this is just excellent but it is bit costly. You can buy it for 199$ on amazon.

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We have till far looked at 5 similar to GoPro video recording cameras. They are pretty good GoPro alternatives. They all are cheaper as compared to GoPro and also they are very sleek enough that you don’t need to worry about their bulky size. You can buy anyone of them depending upon the features which we have described above. Visit Aljum for more information.