Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps For Android and iOS

Hi friends today I will let you know about the Hidden camera detector Apps. It is very common to see the security cameras in shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, offices and many more places to ensure us with the best security and to keep an eye on the suspicious persons hook up around like thief and other anti-social elements. These hidden cameras are very useful to catch the criminals in the times of robbery, bomb blast and other serious issues. The cameras which are used for security purpose are known as the Spy camera, Hidden camera or CCTV. It is used to record the activity of the people near to it, Generally, we can see these in almost all the areas, and recently they can be seen near the traffic signals to spy on the accidents and other crimes. Some of the best hidden camera detector app are listed out here.

In addition to these benefits with the hidden cameras, there are many threats are also there. In every great invention, there is a big disaster followed by it. These spy cameras are invented for the security purpose but some persons are misusing these cameras by putting them on trial rooms, washrooms and also in the hotel rooms and starts blackmailing women. So, women have to be even more careful in this. Don’t worry at all, I have a great idea through which we can get rid of it. There are some apps available in the playstore or Appstore which can be able to detect hidden camera near you. When you are near to the hidden camera then it will send you an alert or a sound so that you will be able to find.


hidden camera detector apps

Some of the hidden camera detector app are collected and are sorted out here to present the users a best spy camera detector app. You can use these apps to find the hidden camera app devices.

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Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps

The following are the Best Hidden Camera Detector apps which can detect and alert you when you are near to a spy camera or a security camera. With that alert, you can rescue yourself without anyone else. These are most useful for women especially in malls, showrooms and all other public places. Now we can see the best apps which can find Hidden cameras fastly and without fail. Here we will discuss the app and its features and also know how it works. So, let us get into our topic in which we will discuss the apps names, description and features and also about what are the requirements of the app to be downloaded on your Device. If you want details about Best app lock for Android click here.

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Hidden Camera Detector

This hidden camera detector is an android application in which we can discover all the nearby spy cameras or CCTV cameras so that you can be alert all the time. It works by radiation detection algorithm which is a preset in the app through which an alert is sent to us in the app and shows a red mark on the screen to denote that there is a spy camera near you. When the app is running while you are near to the screen, then it will show you a red glow light on the screen as an alert. If it is in your Room then it will show you 100 on the screen, which means you must be very careful. So, this is the best way to get rid of spy cameras. The following are the features of the camera detector app:


detect hidden camera

Features of Hidden Camera Detector

  • This app uses the radiation sensor to detect the spy camera.
  • Red alert is given immediately when you detect an app.
  • Also, you can detect the strength of the camera through the display screen.
  • The app is available for both Android and ios.
  • This app is free, and also do not contain any in-app purchases.
  • No internet Connection is needed.


  • Updated on: March 19, 2017
  • Requires android 3.2 and up.
  • Current version: 9.0
  • Offered by: Future apps

Glint Finder – Camera Detector App

Glint finder is also one of the best android apps which are the best hidden camera detector which is useful to detect the unknown or hidden spy cameras near you. This app works on the advanced technology which will use retro-detection technology to detect the cameras near you. As the apps name resembles, this app will detect the shining object in the camera that is the lens of the camera is detected and sends us the notification to make us know we are in the security or spy camera area. This app uses the process which is used by the professional detectors. It will use your camera flash to detect the lens of the app and shows you the camera hidden location. This is the best app to stay protected from the hidden threats around us.

best hidden camera detector

Features of Glint Finder

  • Preset the device’s flash screen rate as you wish in cycles per (Hz) second.
  • You can adjust device’s flash.
  • To highlight glints please toggle the image polarity.
  • Also, detect the spy camera and sends you signal immediately.
  • Uses Gps to show the location of the CCTV or secret cameras.

Wireless Camera Detector

It is one of the Best hidden camera detector app which will surely work . This Wireless Camera Detector is the helpful app to detect the hidden and wireless cameras. This is a battery based slow app which can detect the radiation coming from that wireless device and also we can detect the camera using this app easily. This app always detects and works with the wireless devices near to it. Tracks the signal and then it will send you signals so that you can be alert.

camera detector app


  • It is very easy to use and also very simple.
  • Detect all types of wireless devices.
  • It also gives the information about the wireless devices clearly.

Top Hidden Camera Apps

Hidden am detector are the camera detecting app that allows you to detect hidden camera apps that presented in this article. All these are the hidden camera detector app for android and ios devices.

Detectify Hidden Device Detector

This is one the hidden camera detector android for the android smartphones. This app acts as the spy camera detector and records everything. This is same as the wireless camera detector app but is more advanced than that. This app analyses the magnetic activity around the device by using the mobile’s magnetometer sensor. You need to move your phone till the sound rings. In case of any suspected device this app alarm rings. You can use this app as the camera detectors app to find the devices.


Radarbot is one of the best spy camera app which is developed by the iteration company for the android and ios users. This applications uses to track your GPS locations. You can easily detect the mobile camera’s, ANPR camera’s and traffic lights. This is integrated with the GPS navigation system so you can even use the fake GPS app to change your location. This app is available for free.

spy camera detectors

Features of Radarbot

  • Easily integrated with GPS navigators and maps.
  • It works with the battery saving modes.
  • Different modes to visualize the cameras.
  • You will get the alerts with sound while reaching near to the camera’s
  • Options to set the voice notifications.
  • Configurable to calculate parameters and distances.

Final Words

So friends hope you enjoyed this article on Best Hidden Camera detector apps for both android and users. This hidden camera detector is very much useful to safeguard us from the hidden, spy or CCTV cameras. If you like this post please share it with your Friends on facebook, twitter, Instagram and other social media sites. Also, share your views with us by using the comment section given below. Thank you for visiting our website. Keep visiting for more updates on Aljum and all other information you need.