Best Hiking Apps for Adventurous Travelers

Apps for hiking and trekking routes

Want to know about the best hiking apps for android and ios devices, then simply check our article. If you go out for any places then obviously you will be new to that place and if you want to know about the locations then you can use the hiking gps app, which will show you the locations and places.

Today, we can hardly get a person who does not have a Smartphone, the news and the technological age has made us acquire more and more these devices and their other ranges and these have helped us in any area of ​​our lives or work. Will also be present on days where you just want to go explore, know places and breathe fresh air.


Best Hiking Apps

This time we bring you a small application top for hiking and trekking routes, ideal for when you get to know either by bike, motorcycle, car or simply on foot. Enjoy the best hiking and trekking apps and enjoy what the world has for you.

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Best Hiking Apps to Know Routes

See some of the best gps app for hiking and trekking. If you see these applications then you can find a place to travel. See some of the best hiking app for android.


This application is a family of Mini Coyote, the device that provides you with information 24 hours a day it is a best hiking gps app for android, ideal for your walks and routes both on a motorcycle and in a car or bicycle. iCoyote has for you two modalities in the application, this, will offer you the highway mode and the city mode and in both modes, you will have necessary information to avoid queues, traffic jams and conflicting sections. The application analyzes by itself and communicates to the community of users, the real-time situation of traffic and routes to make your trips and journeys more enjoyable and reliable. It has radars of sections, radars of traffic lights, fixed and mobile with information on the limits of speed allowed in each journey.



A phenomenal application that has 3D maps, itinerary configuration based on your trips, estimated arrival times to destination and the option to memorize journeys that you usually take to get faster to your destinations. Available for Android and iOS devices.


This application will allow you to record your routes it is a top hiking apps for iphone, whether on a motorcycle, bicycle or on foot (hiking). You will find more than 9 million routes around the world, where you can try the one that seems perfect and ideal for your sports activity or for your free day with friends or family. With Wikiloc, you will have the opportunity to create GPS tracks of your activities and upload them to Wikiloc, record your outdoor activities, get statistics of speed and time traveled and take pictures of reference points so you can share it with other Wikiloc users.

best hiking apps

Do you have a few megabytes of navigation left? Do not worry, the application has for you maps that you can download and use offline, with elevation data, tips, routes, location of lakes, water sources, shelter, spikes, this in order to avoid extra data consumption or even international payments. Application available for devices with Android and iOS Operating System.


With WeRide, you can give free rein to your passion for motorcycles with the biker community where you are and of course, with your friends this is a gps hiking apps. Add and discover routes, photos, knowledge, tricks and experiences of fans of motorcycles and speed on two wheels. Share the application and information with your friends to join this fantastic application, also at WeRide, you can enter the instant chat with different themes of the biker world.

hiking gps app

You can add, view and download the routes that other users have uploaded to the application, so you plan your departure with perfect details to avoid having any kind of inconvenience. Something new in this application is the new “wall” of public groups where you can share posts, synchronize your status with Facebook and Twitter, like and comment on the post. Application available for Android and iOS devices.


Are you a lover of outdoor adventures and do you like to ride a bicycle? Then Strava is the perfect application for you. With it, you will register your activities, share your routes with other users, upload photos to this application and compare your cycling performance with other users on the same route, it is a android hiking app. Strava , puts for you an activity monitoring where you will obtain during and after each activity, information such as speed, interactive map, distance and possibility to save your route in Strava and share it with your friends and training colleagues to buy your activities and perform personal challenges Stravaalso has for you the possibility to share your routes on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, attach photos to remember your experience. Application available for Android and iOS devices.

best gps app for hiking

Runtastic Road Bike

Record each bike ride on the road with this application and join the millions of users who record their progress every day and compare their performance with other cyclists. Organize, search and download Offline maps to save your navigation megas and train daily with the tips and advice that Runtastic Road Bike has for you. In a free version you can register your routes via GPS, as well as record the pace, calories burned, duration and speed. You can also find other routes that you will find in the application in a pre-determined way and others that users have uploaded to the app.

best hiking app for android

Activate your coach by voice, which will guide you on how you are going along the route depending on the preference of speed and distance. It is ideal for all types of road bike levels, since you can choose your favorite routes on offline maps to suit your bike training. Application available for Android and iOS devices.

Bike Repair

With Bici Repair you will be prepared for any inquiry and more if you are in a little known area and you do not get help immediately. With this application you will help to repair it with 59 tutorials and more than 90 guides with images and some tips to repair it in a short time and in an efficient way. You can also use it to maintain your bike, as well as get information and advice on the correct pedaling and the position to handle the bicycle. The application is very important and valuable if you love cycling routes, it is a paid application with a cost of USD 3.06 available for Android devices and 3.99 USD for iOS devices.

Waze Transport SDK

One thing is the general information that can be provided by a GPS or a map or navigation application and another information that Waze Transport can provide you, as this gives you news, tips and advice from other travelers. This application gathers the information of the other users that use the app to choose the best possible route to your destination, saving everyone time and fuel in your journey. The application can be obtained for both Android and iOS devices.

Waze Transport SDK


With AutoMate , have at your disposal maps and nearby places of gas stations, restaurants, and locations to guide your destination. Also note the mileage data, fuel tank and engine of your vehicle, weather update, speed alerts, traffic and much more. It also activates the phone assistant function, calls, sends messages, checks your most frequent apps in an easy way, by voice and without endangering yours while you are at the wheel. Application available for Android devices.

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Here does not end our recommendations for hiking and trekking apps, you can extend this top in the comments and let us know what other app you would use. See the best hiking apps which are recommended by us. Also visit ttop10 for more information.