Best Kodi Skins for an Awesome Kodi Experience

Want to know about the best Kodi skins. Kodi is a very popular media player. It let you organize the media files very well but the media player is boring because of very monotonous look. There are various skins available with which you will be feeling very good. You must be thinking how to change kodi skin.

To change kodi skin you need to open kodi and open system and then settings should be opened. There you will get option as appearance. Kodi skins are some of the good backgrounds which will really enhance the look of the app.


best kodi skins

Confluence is the default theme of Kodi app but you need to check the kodi themes from here only and moreover you cannot get these themes in download torrents or any other. Let us look at some of the best kodi skins which will enhance the looks of the app.

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Best Kodi Skins or Best Skin For Kodi

We have the various kodi best skins. The former discussed kodi skins are best skins after Confluence. They have their own unique features and design. I think we are now fed up with Confluence; we want something new like watch free movie apps and other. These skins literally proves “ variety is the spice of life”. Not only these we have 5 more skins that can also make your experience very good. Let us look at those skins for kodi in detail.

  1. Aeon Nox


After Confluence it is the most widely used kodi skins in the world. It works well with the media player and it doesn’t allow the player to get hang. The customization features of the app are quite appealing in the app. Also it looks really well in the app. It has total unique look and thus enhances the look and feel of the app.

  1. Amber


It is a very light weight skin which provides you with good features. It runs smoothly on other devices. You can customize the home page either horizontally or vertically. Custom home menu and custom background enhances the appearance of the app. It is also as good as confluence with large buttons and easily add-ons.

  1. Black Glass Nova – Kodi


It has a lot of customization features. Other features are there which just make the appearance very well. Customize items can be added into home page while skin widgets can be added as per your wish. When you watch this skin on HD TV it looks very well. So just go for this skin when you want to have this for bigger interface .

  1. Mimic – New Skins


It is a very feature rich skin. It works well with all media players. The skin is available in multiple colours and is very light weight. Due to which the media player don’t hung up. Home menu can be customized by widgets. Touch support is excellent in the app. The interface of the app is just spanking that everyone want to get this skin in their media player Kodi. TV shows logo is also there with which you can directly see the most famous shows.

  1. ReFocus – Best Skin


It is also a very best kodi skin for kodi which can be customized very easily. Home item can be customized by adding widgets and logos. The skin is very light weight hence it doesn’t hang the device. Touch support is working fantastic.

  1. Estuary mod


This skin is awesome for tabets . It is absolutely light weight and the design of te skin is awesome so that navigation is easy while using this skin. The best thing about this skin that the icons are large enough so that finding any button is always easy for you. If you want to add add-ons this skin will give you the best advantage. But yes, as compared to the default theme Confluence this is bit difficult to customize as making custom menu and adding addons require proficiency.

  1. Arctic : Zephyr


It is a top skin for kodi which is literally very good which everyone should go for. It is having such a design that the menu is arranged at the bottom. What is the positive of such arrangement; you must be thinking ? The answer is that if the menu is arranged at bottom then you can have good amount of space so that your media content can be displayed properly. When you open some movie the information about the movie also gets displayed simultaneously on the screen. The menus and your media files are very easy to access, so the problem of navigation is almost solved in this skin.

  1. Titan – Kodi Skin


It is a avery good skin for those who want aa very simply design and who don’t like customizations. It has a home page where tiles are arranged as you see the look in windows 10. Its absolutely simple so you won’t get any problem while using it. The home page has tiles. The first row of tiles has media files like music, pictures and videos. While the second row has add ons like YouTube and Add on browser. But the thing which lack in this skin is that you can’t add more tiles. But it is ok if you want a simple skin.

  1. Transparency


Transparency is super for those who love art work. As the home page screen has always wonderful wallpapers like big living room with gadgets. The art work is awesome. Otherwise the skin is easy to navigate and light weight. It has a avery simple layout. Go for this skin if you are an art lover.

  1. Xperience 1080


It is a skin which also has tiles like windows 10. It has good add ons and plug ins. In the home page you can add more tiles where you can ad your favourite TV or movies. It is very easy to use and navigate. The customization of this skin is also very good. It is also good to view when you are using it on bigger TV.

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Now we looked at some best kodi skins. All are good in their own respect. Go for these skins and make your media player look attractive. Just test the waters once before using them and I am sure you will love these skins. All the best !!