Best Notepad Apps For Android and iOS

Best Notepad Apps for Android

Best Notepad Apps: Before we annotated everything in post-it yellow, pink and of all colors. Now with smartphones we no longer need to leave little pieces of paper around the house with annotations the shopping list and our last great idea for that script that would surely triumph in Hollywood if someone with a little head decided to invest in it. Here are some of the best handwriting app for android simply check from us.

Note taking apps are super practically you do not spend paper they are easy to use and they allow you to have all your ideas together in one place. Today we review some of the best applications of this kind available for Android phones and tablets.


best notepad apps

If you want an application to note all the details then simply use the best notepad apps for your device. If you want to take a notes then there is no issue to search for the best apps. Use any of the app that is provided below.

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8 Best Apps to Take Notes on Android

Many phones usually include their own factory app for this type of work. If we do not like the one we have or we just do not have any installed we might want to take a look at some of the most popular ones available in the Play Store.

1. Google Keep

One of the great advantages of Google Keep is that we can access it from virtually any device with Internet access. Although we have it installed only in the mobile if we have a browser at hand we can also access all our notes by logging into Google from the application drawer.

Google Keep


Keep has been optimized over the years and now apart from taking notes it also allows us to make lists small cartoons and record voice notes or take pictures. Free and helpful like almost everything Google.

2. Evernote

Evernote is one of the most powerful apps for taking notes. It has a lot of features various types of notes, organizational functions, shared notes, cross-platform support and more.

Evernote app

However as of 2016 they began to layer the free version and it is no longer as appetizing as it used to be in the past. Your subscription plans offer a number of additional features and storage space in the cloud. One of the best paid apps but as a free service other alternatives eat the toast easily.

3. OneNote

The Microsoft app is also among the most popular. A powerful tool that in addition to being compatible with other Office formats you can use Excel tables forms a lethal team along with the rest of Microsoft’s productivity apps.


It is a multi platform app (Android / iOS / Windows / Mac) linked to the cloud which means that we can access from the mobile for example the notes we have created from the PC and vice versa.

It allows you to write, draw and take screenshots and even scan documents. We can create tags, labels, lists and even sort the notes according to their importance.

4. ColorNote

ColorNote is a complete notebook for Android. It does not require login but if we do we can synchronize our notes and have online backups. It is 100% free and ad free.


Among its outstanding features are things such as:

  • We can create reminders for a specific day or time.
  • It allows anchoring notes and lists to the status bar.
  • Autolink: detects internet links and phone numbers inserted in the notes.
  • Organization by calendar.
  • Notes of colors.
  • Lock of notes by password.
  • 3 different themes (including dark theme).
  • In short an authentic wonder.

5. FairNote

FairNote Notepad is a notebook and checklists focused on security. It can have a good performance in the business world, or if we simply want to protect our most sensitive notes in the best possible way.


FairNote uses AES-256 encryption to protect the notes we take in the app, and also allows us to use the fingerprint as an authentication mode to encrypt and decrypt notes.

We can organize ourselves through the use of tags and tags, and although it does not offer as many options as other apps on this list, it is undoubtedly the one that thinks most about the user’s privacy.

6. Material Notes

One of the applications to take more pleasant notes that we can find. It has a simple and colorful interface, and is very easy to use. Material notes allows us to block the notes with a 4-digit PIN and label the most important notes with stars to save them in a separate category.

Material Notes app

It facilitates the location of certain notes thanks to an integrated search engine and of course it also has a widget for the desktop. He does not invent the wheel but what he does and what he does well.

7. Save my notes

A notebook that can serve as a private notebook or as a personal diary thanks to the spell checker included. It has several added features such as the ability to draw and make audio recordings.

Save my notes

We can adjust the size and color of the text and it works both vertically and horizontally. It allows to create folders and protect the notes with password. Free although with integrated ads.

8. Reading Notes

This app to take notes is specially designed for the academic world. It was one of the first to support styles and is still considered one of the best. It offers support for PDF documents and allows you to record audio and video. Reading notes application is simply  compatible with OneNote and EverNote. In short a great tool to take notes in class. You can simply check our article and know about it. The full version is paid but also has a “trial” version that we can try for free.

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Hope you have got the Best Notepad Apps for android and ios devices. You can use any of these applications and install them on your smartphone. If you have any other apps like these then simply share with us. Visit ttop10 for more information. Also share the article if you like it.