Best Plant Identification Apps

Apps to Identify Plants For Android and iOS

Best plant identification app: Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, providing us with really useful tools to get rid of all kinds of doubts and obtain information about our environment. For nature lovers today we bring you the 7 applications to identify plants that will help them when they go out to explore. From what is the name of the flower that you are observing to what species of tree you are in, you will be able to know by means of these practical applications.

Nature lovers do not have a lot of uses for mobiles. After all, mobile phones can not ‘plant crops, herbaceous orchards, or hike for you. However, they can be very useful. That is, they are useful for identifying plants, tips and tricks on how to grow things better, and general information on plants, flowers, food and other things.


best plant identification app

There are a lot of applications that deal with the plant side of nature. Of course, do not forget that Google search is always an option too! Here are the best apps for identifying flowers and plants for Android.

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Best Plant Identification App

Here are some of the best plant identification apps, simply check from us.


This app helps you identify the trees you are with. Through the different menus of the platform, we select the specific form of the sheet as well as other aspects. In this application you will find very good information about trees. Arbolap has data on around 100 tree species. It is available for iOS and Android.


This application has a database of approximately 4,000 plants. We can find the detailed information of each plant, simply by taking a photo.


Users who are members of this application have been adding new species to collaborate with the platform. the scientific name, already has a database of more than 4000 plants. This application is available for iOS and Android.

Garden Answers Plant Identification

Garden Answers Plant Identification is another application that will help you identify plants. In this app you will find information on all types of plants. And it works by taking pictures of the vegetation that you find when you go for a walk. It automatically helps you to know the scientific name of the plant.

This application is available for iOS and Android . These tools make it easier for explorers to identify plants. They are very simple to use and are totally free. We invite you to use them.

iKnow Trees 2 LITE

iKnow Trees is an application that offers you a comprehensive guide in which you will find detailed information on more than 200 species of trees. It contains the common and scientific names of the plants in 7 languages ​​and what distinguishes this app is that it has a game for you to apply everything you know about plants. This application is available only for Android.


Trezilla is another of the apps that helps you correctly identify plants . It gives you a map of the trees in the United Kingdom. With this tool you can easily measure the size of the trees and identify each of them. This application is available for iOS and Android.


Flower Cheker is an app very similar to the previous ones. It works in the following way: you take a picture, you scan it with the app and immediately there will be a specialist who will answer you with information regarding the plant.


Plantifier is another app to identify plants that like FlowerChecker , a specialist tells you all the information you need to know about plants. It is a very simple and really useful application.

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These apps make it easier for explorers to identify plants. They are very simple to use and are totally free. We invite you to use them. Hope you have got the best plant identification app for your device. Also visit ttop10 for more information.