Best Running Apps for Android

Best Applications to go Running with your Mobile 

Best running apps for android: Are you interested to maintain the physical fitness, then obviously you should go for running. Many of us does not know how much to run and how much calories will be reduced, for all those some apps have been designed and they call them as running apps. So today in this article we are going to provide some of the best running apps for android users.

Those who go out to run regularly to be in shape will know of the existence of applications that facilitate the registration of the stretches traveled and other vitally important information when exercising.


Best Running Apps for Android

But not all Android users who run to stay in shape know these applications. It is for this reason that here we are going to show you which are the three best applications to go running that exist in Android. Exercising is healthy and fundamental. That is why today we are going to encourage you to go out to the street to walk a while with these Android applications that will count your steps . You just need to take your smartphone or smart watch with you and that’s it.

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Best Running Apps for Android

We are obliged to mention that these three applications work much better if they are complemented by some sports wearable. This type of devices include sensors that will allow you to know data related to your physical condition at the time of going out to run.

Freeletics Running

Application that offers personalized plans adapted to both the needs of the athlete and their physical conditions. Freeletics may seem to be a complicated application to understand, but the reality is that its functions are very simple to use. Especially because they come with a small tutorial that explains what each of them does.

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This is perhaps one of the applications most used by those people who run with the phone hooked on his arm. It allows you to record the activities that are carried out, it also monitors progress and allows you to follow a curve of objectives to reach the goal programmed by the athlete progressively.

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If you want to keep track of your training, then Runkeeper is the application you need. It will record all the steps you take when you go out to run. But this is not all, because you will also be able to buy your results with friends and other riders to see if you are far behind them or if you are better than other riders.

Runkeeper app

Google Fit

Google Fit is a very good application to count the steps. Compatible with all smarwatches with Android Wear, it integrates very well with other applications to exercise. Precisely, here we tell you how to use My Band with Google Fit . A pedometer free download, without advertising inside and that will make a very good follow-up of your daily routine.

Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! It is a very popular application that tries to bring some fun to your exercise routine. While you walk, run or bike you can hear a story. But it will only advance as you go through a series of distances. Of course, if you do not move forward you will be left half of the story.


Endomondo is not just one of those walking apps , it goes much further. With it, we can monitor both the route and the times of it, calories and distances (among other things). You can also pay for a premium registration of $ 2.5 / month to have access to weather information among other things.

Sportractive Running and Walking

Sportractive is a free app for walking that you should not miss on your mobile device. This Android application allows you to analyze your personal trainings to set goals and overcome them. In fact, it is of those applications for walking that have odometer to walk measuring speed and rhythm thanks to their gps for walking.

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Is it necessary to have a sports gadget?

No, it is not necessary to have a wearable or gadget of the sports type to be able to take advantage of these applications for Android. Although these types of accessories offer more data when exercising, they are not essential to use the applications that we showed you previously. Hope you have got all the Best running apps for android, Also visit ttop10 for more information.