Best Selfie Camera App for Android iOS

Best Selfie Camera App:These days taking selfie has become style statement for many. Even on social media platform stars upload their selfie which makes their fans crazy. So, taking selfie is fun but you should have a good camera and a good selfie app to take photo.

These days even if you have a good camera but in case you don’t have a good selfie app then that is the biggest blunder. In order to take a perfect shot you should have a good selfie app where you can even take your photo and edit at the same time. So now we are going to discuss some of the Best selfie apps for android, iOS and Windows Phone.


Best Selfie Camera App

Once if you have a camera app on your phone then you can easily take the pictures and edit them by urself. There are some of the camera applications like hidden camera app and spy camera’s but they are meant for spying and not to take the selfies. Here in this article we are going to provide the best selfie camera app, have a look at them.

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Best Selfie Camera App For Android

Here are huge collection of the best selfie camera apps for android windows and ios devices. Check out the collection of these apps and have your device with the best selfie apps also have a look at text free apps for android.

YouCam Perfect

best selfie camera app download

This best selfie camera app is perfect for those who love to edit their selfie the time they take it. It will be easy for you as at that moment itself you can upload your selfie on Facebook or Twitter. You get numerous editing features like Beautify, Red eye removal, Resizing and Reshaper in all. This YouCam Perfect will definitely help you in getting more than a perfect selfie and the best thing is that you can get it for free on Google Play store.


Bright Camera

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The features of Bright Camera are same as YouCam Perfect and it is a best camera app for iphone. It offers you more effects and frames too. It is also in fact free and is available on Google Play Store. Filter, Beautify and Tilt Shift Effects are available on this app. Just go for it and take an awesome selfie with the help of this app.

Candy Camera

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It is one of the most leveraged photo editing app. It is indeed one of the good apps too for selfie. There are more than 100 filters available in this app which will make your photos just outstanding and stupendous. The app is also free and is available on Google Play Store.


best selfie camera app for android 2019

This is no doubt a wonderful selfie app as it provides you a wonderful interface of editing and taking selfie. There are more than 100 filters available from which you can select many. You can make your own collage with the help of this app and add watermarks. The features are few; you will get to know after using this app.

Selfie Studio

best selfie camera app for ios

It is also another selfie app for android, windows and mac platform. It has a very simple interface to take selfie and edit. For this you should specifically have front camera. There are other features also which enrich your photo taking experience like volume key shutter and other effects.

Selfie Camera Apps

So now some of the android and ios best selfie editing apps are revealed which can be your best friend while taking selfie. We will list some more top selfie apps for ioS and Windows which are going to make your problems solved in just New York minute. So here we go.


The app is specifically made for ioS platform and it is more than a perfect selfie app. With the help of this app you can make your pictures better. There is a special feature called as Photo booth which allows you to take pictures sequentially. Funshot feature I also there which let you embed different backgrounds and other things in your picture just like a professional.


It is also an iOS app which clicks for you awesome selfie. Here you can click photos every day and at the end of the month you can make your own movie. Even if you have forgot to click photos the app is coerce you to click by giving you notification. So in total it is a very good selfie app with which you can make stupendous movies.


This is an best selfie app for iPhone and mac platform. This app let you take photo both from front as well as back camera at a same time. So that at a same time you combine both pictures one of yourself and other of your surroundings. Yet you can disable this app but it is one of the best features available in this app.

Perfect 365

This selfie app is a perfect app for all girls who want to do makeover of their pictures. The pictures are definitely going to look stupendous. With the help of this app you can click photos and edit those by doing makeover. Isn’t it exciting? So try yourself and enjoy the app. It is available free of cost in Play store.


This selfie app android is specially made for selfie and not for editing. It let you take selfie just by clicking anywhere on screen. Also you can click photos with the help of this app by front camera as well as rear camera. It fills light in the photos when the light intensity in the surroundings is very less.

Lumia Selfie

This is selfie app specially made for windows phones. It let you take selfie and edit it. It is specially used by girls as the features are whitening of teeth, Eye enlargement and many others. So, girls can take look beautiful with the help of this app. It is available for free on store. Download it and have fun.

Create a Perfect Selfie

It is app selfie available on Store and it is amazing app to take selfie. You can take selfie and edit it using various features available on the app. You can add frames and effects to your photos in just New York minute. Sure many of you will definitely become veteran after using this app. It can be downloaded after paying some bucks.


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This app is also one of the good selfie apps available on Windows Store. It is free and can be downloaded from there. You can click your photos and add features and effects in just simple ways. You can even add captions and frames to your photos. Go for this app, you will never regret your decision.


It is specially made for those phones in which front camera quality is not that good. Then in that case you can use your rear camera to take selfie with the help of this app. But sometimes while doing that you face doesn’t get oriented properly. But with the help of this app you can orient your face in good direction so that selfie comes perfect.


It is a wonderful creation of artificial intelligence and is the best selfie camera app. It let you click photos by giving voice commands. Just download the app and enjoy it to the fullest. Give it a try.


These are the best selfie camera app that are just more than perfect selfie apps for android and iOS. They are awesome apps if you want to take selfie and edit them using various tools. So give them a try and all the best for your future endeavors.