Which is the Best Skin for Kodi? Top Kodi Skins

Best Skin for Kodi: Kodi is nothing but a simple app in which you can play movies, Tv shows and also several live channels, music and what not. It is primarily called as XBMC which is created by a group of developers from all over the world. This app will work pretty well with all the apps like windows, Linux, Mac, android, Amazon fire Tv etc.

By this, the users can play their favourite movies, music, movies, and all other live videos. In addition to these, we can also enhance our user experience by adding different add-ons and Skins. In this article, I will tell you about which is the best skin for Kodi?


Best Skin for Kodi

We already know about how the add-ons work on kodi, but we have to know how to change the skin and then if you want to change best skin for Kodi then you have to follow the steps given below. So, here we are going to know about the top skins for kodi and also we know how to change the skin on Kodi. And then read the description about each and every skin and then decide which skin is the best for Kodi. But, before knowing about Kodi skins, we have to know how to change the Kodi skin first.

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How To Change Kodi Skin

If you have installed kodi for the first time on your Device, then you just see a default skin on the home page. We can easily customise this Kodi Skin. The Default Skin name is “Confluence” which is said to be the best skin ever. However to make it more interesting we have to change the skins, so follow the below-given path to change Kodi skin.

Open kodi > system > settings > Appearance > Skins and then Click on Get more option. In this, you can simply see the best and popular skins.

Best Kodi Skins

Now you know how to change Kodi Skin, Let’s show you some of the best Kodi Skins that you can choose from. It will give your media centre a brand new look. So, let’s start. The following are the best skins for Kodi and also here we can know everything about the Kodi skins.


Aeon Nox

Aeon Nox is the well-defined theme and also most popular theme after confluence (Kodi’s default skin). It is very light and also works well on almost all devices. By using this skin, we need not worry about system hangups, because it is lite and doesn’t take much space in your storage. This gives scope for both the beauty and customization. You can feel a classic and modern touch in this skin.
kodi skins download


This skin also works fast and also loads easily in any of your devices. But, it doesn’t contain that many features when compared to the other skins. If you don’t want more customization and editings, then this skin will be the best fit for your kodi appearance. You can definitely choose it for its smooth working experience.

eminence best kodi skin

Black Glass Nova

This is also the best skin to choose. This skin has so many features through which you can simply change your options. Here, I will tell you some of the features so that you can understand about this skin better. Customizable home items, Artwork Downloader, Clear art and logo and also add Skin widgets. When you play the Kodi on TV, then it will look amazing in the full HD TV screens.

kodi black glass nova skin


It is also in the list of beautifully designed skin. So, many people will say that it is a feature rich skin which owes lots of customization options. This skin will also allow customers to customise their home screen and items.

download refocus skin


With its best features, Nebula is also gaining so many positive reviews and also so many people Installing this skin for watching it on HD TV screens. This also gives you extra features like custom Home items, Extra fanart and lots more. It also has the touch support. It might not be great, but you can efficiently work with it.

Nebula kodi skin


It is also a lightweight skin with very rich features and also you can get so many tools for customization. The only problem is that this skin will not support Live PVR/TV support. Other than this we can say it as the best skin from all the above list.

skin for kodi ace

Xperience 1080

This is a full-width panel based skin mainly for TV screen. There are lots of features includes home items, horizontal home page, display of TV shows logos, the etc.the only thing that will drive you back with this skin is its partial touch support.

best skins for Kodi

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So, friends this is the process through which you can simply download the skins and set them as your Kodi wallpapers and have fun. Also, please share this post to your friends on facebook and other social networking sites. Your views are very important to us, you can also simply share your views in the comment section given here. Thank you so much for visiting our website, Keep visiting for more updates on all ttop10 and top 5 stuff.