Best Slow Motion Apps For Android iOS

Do you want to know how to record videos in slow motion with your Android mobile? You have to consider in the first instance, then that it will almost always be necessary to have an application specially developed for it. In effect we are going to show you some of the best applications to record videos in slow motion with the mobile phone that you should consider.

The first thing you have to take into account in this type of situation is that the vast majority of mobile phones that do not belong to the high-end have absolutely no possibility of recording in slow motion without specific applications. Therefore we are sure that a huge number of our users will be interested in knowing the following list of the best of them.


Best Slow Motion Apps

In the following lines we are going to offer you a detailed analysis of three of the best slow motion recording applications for Android that we believe you should keep in mind all of which are completely free and safe. As we always tell you any questions you have about it or if you know any other recommended application leave us a comment to learn more about it.

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Applications for Android slow motion videos

Here are the Best Slow Motion Apps for android and iphone you can simply use these applications and use these apps to shoot slow motion videos on your device.

Slow Motion Video FX

Slow Motion Video FX is the first of the applications to create videos in slow motion on Android that we will never stop recommending. The best thing is that it is extremely simple, so even novice users can take advantage of it. Besides that you have to know that it has all the functions that we can expect so no essential feature you will miss.

Slow Motion Video FX



We went in second instance to SloPro another application that will allow you to generate your own videos in slow motion easily. It is one of the most popular right now because it landed directly from iOS on Android terminals. It is also a really simple application, and although the version in question is not as complete as the iPhone it is not bad at all.


Reaction Slo-Mo-Pro

And we will end directly from the hand of another app, as is the case of ReAction-Slo-Mo-Pro one that stands out especially because it has more features and options than the previous ones although it is also heavier. You have to know in this case that your results are better than those of the previous two although you will also have to spend more time if you want to make the most of it.

best slow motion camera app for android

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Which of these apps for slow motion videos on Android did you like the most? Other than these apps there are other applications too but we from after using these applications on our mobile we are suggesting the above Best Slow Motion Apps for your device. Some times even an app can damage your device so we have tried them personally and are keeping you here. If you have any queries simply share with us. Visit ttop10 for more information.