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Best Thermometer Apps for Android

Best thermometer apps: In this article we see different FREE body and environmental thermometer app that allow us to measure the temperature in different situations thanks to applications that we can use on Android devices, both for mobile and tablet. And it is that the temperature is a physical condition of the states of the environment or of some bodies reason why sometimes the measurement of the temperature becomes precise.


This temperature is usually expressed in different units, either degrees Celsius or also called Celsius, Fahrenheit etc. which are scales of measurement . Thanks to technology now these measurements can be carried in our hand by Android mobile devices , there is also APP for iPhone phones but for now we will not comment.

Best Thermometer Apps

In a certain way the mobile is not able to measure the temperature by itself but we do have certain resources that allow us to indirectly obtain these values ​​to know the temperature that it does. We now take a look at some types of applications to take the temperature in different situations.


Apps to measure environmental temperature with android mobile

To be able to take the temperature indirectly we have to do it through an application that we have to install on our mobile so that it can show us these values ​​through the display of the screen.

As we said at the beginning of the post the mobile phones by themselves are not capable of making the measurements but we can take the resources of the temperature values ​​thanks to the meteorological stations that offer the available values ​​in the network.

Obviously a second value will be the position in which we are so that we can offer the approximate temperature in the place.


Thermometer ++

  • Once the application is installed, the function it performs is to provide both the ambient temperature outside and the value of the relative humidity .
  • In theory, this application takes meteorological data from nearby stations that provide weather data.
  • You can select our location on a map and change the scale to show us degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Outdoor Thermometer

This second application has very good ratings on Google Play which gives it some reliability in terms of the accuracy of the data and the application’s own functionality to measure the temperature, as well as the configuration of the interface.

  • You can configure the appearance of the interface, share the location and know the time in the coming days.
  • It has another series of characteristics relating to time, as well as the hours of sunrise and sunset.
  • Measurement scale in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

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Body Thermometer Apps With Android Mobile

These applications allow us to measure the temperature of people taking it from our thumb , just enough to place your finger on the phone and prepare to laugh.

They really are not able to measure the temperature by themselves so they are basically made to play jokes !

Although it can be said that there are body thermometer app that work perfectly but are based on external devices that connect to the mobile and act as a thermometer.