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Best vr app for android: The virtual reality android is one of the dreams used for most of the gamers. And a huge number of developers being sought at vr apps android to bring the realization over various years and decades. And the best android vr app might be the glasses or the VR helmets said to be too expensive. This ranges from too small to the result too bad. Since from the two years, there has been various changes. Likewise, android vr apps has come with the most powerful graphics chips, high-resolution displays, promising projects say Oculus Rift or it may be the HTC Vive.

best vr app for android


With the help of the cardboard, the Google started demonstrating the cost-effective VR platform in a very short time. And finally launched an improved successor including the Daydream. You can also see some of the hidden camera app for android.

For most of the virtual reality for android gamers, there are two different VR platforms available. Oculus incorporated with the most famous Samsung. And then developed the Gear VR and is compatible with high-end Galaxy smartphones. As such, best android vr apps were compatible with Google Cardboard and provided certain specifications for the headset. The most VR headsets available for Android are the glasses look like the Gear VR and the cardboard on the other side. And the third different platform started to take off the entire daydream. As most of all the cardboard is seen as the basic solution and this is different in a daydream. Google’s own VR headset,  Daydream view, all these meant to show the path that has been taken.

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5 Best vr app for android

The virtual reality is considered as the best in the area of a video game. As such there are numerous manufacturers who have been started to offer the VR glasses for consoles PC and also for android. There are various best free vr apps for android available all over the market. One can get access and gain knowledge the about various virtual reality apps for android and can choose any of the following.

  • Hunters Gate
  • Anshar Wars 2
  • Land’s End
  • Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue
  • VR Space: The Last Mission

Hunters Gate

The hunter’s gate is one of the best vr android apps available all over the market. This is attacked by various demons. One hs to restore the action played rolling game. This is due to save the entire world with no fail. One can capture the user’s attention very well through the hunter’s gate. Graphically it is very much impressive.



All these elements help the character to grow stronger all over the time and learn the new skills. One can quickly start making use of all the controls without any fail.

Anshar Wars 2

Anshar wars 2 is the best vr apps for android and graphically impressive to the various individuals. The Anshar Wars 2 is the action game as various users are likely to prefer it.


This is because the entire 360-degree effect of the VR Gear works very much and connect the game controller to the smartphone. If not becomes uncomfortable to control the entire game.

Land’s End

Land’s end is again one of the best vr apps android available Samsung gear virtual reality. This is meant especially for the fans of puzzle games. All these are designed for the Gear VR and the user is said to be awakened in the old civilization.


Nowhere we use the controllers in order to perform the operation. As such, it has its own operations available. Graphically, Land’s End is abstract. As such all the virtual landscapes are inspired today due to the various parts of the earth.

Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue

Lamper VR consists of various endless runner games available and is very much suited.  It is for Google Cardboard. This is played including all the VR glasses. Firefly Rescue is the successor to the Lamper virtual reality. It is one of the different game where the user controls the small firefly through all the various head moments and free the firefly friends who lost at the time of spiders attacked the insect kingdom.

One has to fly through the forests and caves, shooting down the fireballs, making an attempt to use the power-ups to defeat the opponents in a greater way. It works very well, look stylish and available for free to the various individuals.


VR Space: The Last Mission

This is especially meant for Google Cardboard and there are infinite ways to go. No one needs to get wonder by looking into it. This is because all the vr apps for android games have been taken a place in the space. As such the last mission you are will be the last hope for humanity. The most significant point one has to remember is the user will repel the various attacks of the enemy spaceships.


And this is one of the best entertainment experience. This is especially due to the graphics designed and said to be very much attractive. As a result, plays the major role in capturing the user attention very well. NoVR mode is available even though designed for the Google Cardboard. Helps to transform the game into the classic game.

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At last, you have got the numerous virtual reality apps android available in these days. Any individual can probably have a look and access for free on anytime. For more queries, you can comment below or for more information visit ttop10 as per the user choice. Therefore, one can share the current tutorial on social sites if you like it.