Best Yoga App For Android and iPhone

Free Yoga App for Android and iPhone

Want to get a best yoga app. We understand it perfectly, we have been there you would like to do yoga but you can not find the way to go to classes. Well we have good news for you, there are very professional yoga apps that will allow you to practice yoga without leaving home and dedicating the little time you have. In this post we discovered the best Yoga apps so you can start practicing now!

To practice yoga it is necessary to be instructed in its principles, both at an intellectual and purely physical level for this a best yoga app android is needed. For the latter there are several applications that guide us through videos and explanatory images with the different asanas (as each position is called) to take, which also complement perfectly with other tools to improve our relaxation.


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In this article we are going to provide the free yoga apps that can be used on any of your smartphone. Before going to get the free yoga app for android you can see some of the benefits to do yoga.

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Best Yoga App and Its Benefits

Practicing yoga has many benefits and we want to make it easy for you to benefit from them. Before going to get some best yoga apps for iphone and android you can see the main benefits of practicing yoga with assiduity:

• reduces anxiety and stress
• improves concentration
• tones our body
• increases our flexibility
• improves rest when we sleep
• gives more emotional stability and calm
• strengthens our self-esteem
• reduces back and neck pain.
• improves blood circulation

Daily Yoga

One of our favorite yoga apps because it offers different yoga sessions by levels, time or marked goal, because their sessions are in high quality video and because you have more than 65 yoga sessions classified by type of program (to lose fat, to relax, to get fit, etc). In this video you can see more about the app.


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This is another of the most professional yoga apps that exist, with more than 300 postures, 45 programs predefined by objectives, personalized programs and a lot of quality in their videos and images. It also has a community of yoga fans from around the world. It is available for IOS and Android. If you want to know more about you can watch the videos.

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Yoga postures and classes

This is one of the best free yoga app where you have 111 video postures very well explained, with their benefits and how to do them, as well as programs by time, goal and levels. You have classes of 10 to 30 minutes, so you can choose the one that suits you best depending on the time you have that day. Free and available on IOS and Android here.

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Yoga Guru

The interesting thing about this app is that it has specific Hatha yoga programs created for pregnant women, for people with back problems or cervical complaints or insomnia. It is ideal if you want to focus your yoga practice to improve a certain ailment or during pregnancy. It is a free app and is available only on Android.

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Fitstar Yoga

Yoga classes at the hands of the renowned Tara Stiles, founder of Strala Yoga, a rebellious yoga, more physical and free with thousands of followers around the world, which we had the pleasure to try and surprised us very positively. If you want to know more about Strala yoga you can see the following post.

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With the FitStar app you can practice one of their programs with Tara, you have from beginner level to expert level, and with the convenience of doing it at home or anywhere else. This app has a free version and another Premium for IOS and Android.

Track Yoga

As its name suggests, TrackYoga goes a step further when offering us a compendium of exercises to perform freely, since it “gamifies” the experience and proposes that we be constant in our activity so that all progress is recorded in the application itself so that it proposes objectives according to our level, it is similarly as all the yoga applications and further more a best yoga app too. After all, the practice of any physical exercise (regardless of the spiritual background behind it) requires a certain sacrifice and desire to excel.

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Other Similar Apps For Android


Finally You no longer have an excuse, grab your yoga mat and start practicing today! hope you have got the best yoga app for your android and ios devices. You can use these apps and practice yoga in your home. Visit ttop10 for more information.