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Bookzz are man’s best friends and when you have no one in your idleness. It is the books who will give you contentment. Earlier, there were physical books and now, you have eBooks.

You can now enjoy reading books anytime and anywhere on your smart devices. Bookzz was a well-known site for reading the books of all subjects. But now, it is longer active as sometime back, this search engine closed down.



You can get eBooks easily on many others sites which are some of the best Bookzz alternatives. Let us have a glance at the alternatives of Bookzz site.

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Top Bookzz alternatives and sites like Bookzz

Have a look at the best bookzz alternatives and the websites like bookzz to know and read the favourite book you like the most.

1. Many Books

Many Books is a good destination to find all your favorite books easily. With over 33 thousand eBooks, you can read any book for free of cost. There are many genres of books on this site such as romance, fiction, sci-fi, history, literature, business, and others. It also shows the most popular books which you can read. You can search the book by title, author or language. The user interface is pretty good for finding a book of your choice this is why is this the best alternative to Bookzz.

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If you are a tech-savvy person and looking for Bookzz alternative, you can visit this site for reading books on software. From latest software to screensavers, you can get all the information related to computers on this site. Most importantly, you can read any book without paying any penny. The students who want to pursue a career in computer science can get a lot of benefits from this site. Apart from that, this site also contains many eBooks of various genres which you can enjoy on smart devices.


3. Open Library

The next on the list is Open Library. It has a big collection of all kinds of books for a book lover. The user interface is very simple and you can find the books on various subjects such as art, science, fantasy, music, religion, and others. It also shows the classic books of all time. Even your kids will get some of the best books for reading in the kid’s section. Open Library is one of the best Bookzz alternatives with more than 20 million books of different genres.

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4. Scribd

Another robust site for reading EBooks is With precise user-interface and lots of Audiobooks and magazines, this site provides a one-month free trial. It showcases the best books for you on its homepage. You can also get the trending books. Additionally, the site also has many documents and magazines on its homepage. One of the best advantages of is that you can share the documents, eBooks or magazines with users.

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5. Smashwords

From the essay to screenplays, you will get every book on the Smashwords site. It is a place where you will find some of the greatest novels and books from indie authors. With more than 400,000 books, this site has all the genres of books such as science, fiction, history, art, kids, romance and others. The site often publishes new work for the readers. So now, if you want the best book of a particular author, Smashwords is the answer.

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This is the site again for technology lovers. You can get any computer eBooks and lecture notes on this site. It is but obvious that you will get all the latest information on various software and programs launched recently. There are many computer science and programming Books and textbooks available on In addition to this, there are recent posts about free eBooks and other computer books on the home page of the site. You can read any book without paying the money.

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You can try these sites like Bookzz for reading all your favorite eBooks for free of charge. They do not only offer the good collection of eBooks but also the latest information. These sites are a good option to enjoy reading books in the office, home or while traveling. Gaining knowledge is never wasted and you can now gain a lot of knowledge from your favorite eBooks available on these sites visit ttop10 for more information. They are also the best partner in your spare time.