How to Change Skins in Kodi {Best Methods}

Kodi is a media player and an entertainment application in which we can stream TV channels and also can watch movies, listen to your favourite tracks on your mobile phone. You can also connect your mobile to TV and can we able to control the app from your mobile phone. Kodi will help you as a remote control to access the app remotely on the TV. It is very popular Among many countries and had gained so many customers who are satisfied with the app. Here I am going to describe how the change skins in kodi app interface is done.

change skins in Kodi


In the following lines,  we are going to know about what is the Kodi app and how we can use. And also here I will describe the skin and how to how we can change the skins for kodi app to make your App more exciting. Now let’s get into the main topic on how we can changing skins in kodi app. You can set different background which is called as skins for different media. Live streaming is one of the most important features of this app in which we can see all the popular TV shows and live programs running on the TV by live streaming option. change skin on kodi and enjoy the new app with new look,  you can also install the kodi chromecast on your app either in smartphone or in tv also.

You can change kodi skin and also kodi change skin will give a new look to the kodi app. But basically many of the users does not know how to change kodi skin and also the users does not get where to download kodi skins. Here we will tell how to change skins on kodi and also how to update them with the new versions also you can watch espn on kodi as a live tv app. With this guide you can get how to change skin on kodi.

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About Kodi Media Player

Kodi which is formerly called as XBMC which is created in the year 2003 by a bunch of programmers. Generally, team Kodi is a group of volunteers and software programmers who are situated in different places of the world. More than 400 software developers and more than 100 translators work hard to make it reach to 65 languages and every corner of the world. Kodi is a video player app in which we can stream live video music, movies, tV shows and all other stuff, you can also get the kodi addons installer on your app.

kodi custom skins

You can use this app in all the devices like iPhone, Android and all other iOS devices. But the only problem is that sometimes the layout of the app will restore to the default settings and thereby background which key we have set for the each and every tab will be replaced with the default skin. So here I am going to tell you about how to change the skin of the Kodi app and make it beautiful again as you like., you can even have many addons in the kodi app like kodi addons for sport and games.


What is the Skin in Kodi?

Skin is nothing but a simple background which we can set to the different tabs like music, videos and all other files in which you can play them on the TV. But, sometimes this skins will disappear and the default skin appears on all the tabs. And we want to change the kodi custom skins on your device for that you can choose the best kodi skins for free. But, if you don’t know how to change the skin for different tabs, then check the steps given below. The following are the important features and the steps to changing skins in kodi app.

changing skins in kodi

Important Points About Kodi

  • Kodi will not contain any media content in it.
  • We have to load the live TV we can watch videos and listen to music from our files.
  • For this, we have to install a third-party plugin if needed.
  • In this app, you can set the add-on which will appear on the home screen for a specific tab.
  • In this, we can set different skins for different tabs.
  • The streaming of the material in the will be telecasted with the full permission of the copyright holder

How to Change Skins in Kodi

This is the step by step given below, through which you can change the skin of the kodi app in your Device. These skins will change the entire look of the app and make it amazing and attractive whenever you open the app. There are many skins and many addons available in the app like phoenix addon for kodi and we can also download our favourite skins from the store.  Once you download the skin, you can use manually install it as a zip. The following are the steps to changing skins in Kodi or add a skin to your device. Follow the below process clearly to get your app a new look.

Steps to Change Skins on Kodi Jarvis

  • In the first Step open Kodi and then Select “System“.
  • Now Goto Appearance tab and tap on the “Skins

how to change skins in kodi

  • Then, on the next screen, it will show you the skins which are present in your app.
  • Now click on the “Get More” option, then you can get lots of features in it.
  • You will be redirected to the screen where you can see all the available skins.
  • Just scroll down and select your favourite one and then click on “Get”
  • Now the skin will automatically installed on your Device.
  • Once the installation finishes it will ask you whether to replace the skin or Not.
  • Click on “yes” to apply to the screen.

change kodi skins

  • That’s it, now your skin is applied successfully.
  • Before applying you can review the theme from the below-given path System –> Settings –> Appearance –> Skins –> Settings.
  • From the above path, you can change your skins and also can manage your skin from here.

kodi custom skins download

How to Change skins in Kodi Krypton

  • Firstly, open the app Kodi in your Device.
  • Go to Settings Cog option which you can see at the top.
  • Then simply go to Interface Settings, then Tap on “skins”
  • Now, similarly to get more skins click on “Get More”.

skins for kodi

  • Choose your favourite skin and install it on your Device.
  • A pop-up window comes on the screen to apply the skin.
  • Click on “Yes” to apply skin successfully.

Final Words

Hi, you can know how to download the skins on your Kodi. You will get the new layout and you can see preview applying it. Hope this tutorial will help you to get your skin on your app’s interface and you are having fun. If you do so please share your views with us in the comment section provided below. Thank you for visiting our website, keep visiting for more updates on ttop10 and top 5 stuff.