Top Cheap VPS Hosting Services 2019

Cheap VPS Hosting Services: Most people are happy to use a shared hosting environment, considering they’re not running a tech company, or the most data-intensive or traffic heavy websites. For the most part, they’ll do the job. However, at some point, you may have outgrown shared hosting and may be ready to move onto the next step.

You’ll want to consider a Virtual Private Server (VPS). A VPS will offer you root access and customizability of your website. It will also make connecting more seamless for your ever-growing audience.

Top Cheap VPS Hosting Services
Best Cheap VPS hosting 2019

We’ve put together a list of the best cheap VPS services. Try one of the following excellent options.

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A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a seriously cheap option at only $5 per month. But you get much more than you pay for. Their slogan reads, “Our speed, your success” and that is exactly what you get from them (and should be looking for in a VPS service). Their hosting is powerful and fast, and one of the cheapest options. Customers also consistently give them high reviews.



Hostinger is another excellent option that is relatively cheap, although slightly more expensive than A2. However, it does come with a free domain and you have a large variety of plans to choose from. They have a good reputation for power and speed, as well as reliability, based on expert opinions and user reviews.


Hostwinds offers a range of good options for low-cost VPS hosting. Customers seem to love their customer service, as well as how easy they make it switch plans, whether you’re upgrading or downgrading. There’s also a 60 days money back guarantee, which is double that of Hottinger’s.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web is one of the biggest names in the business, and therefore not for everyone. With plans starting at $20 per month, it is more suited to corporations than individual endeavors. Its 30,000-strong client base includes GM, ESPN, and XEROX. ESPN is a particularly good example of just how impressive their selections are, with busy multimedia websites for different sports. Because these companies have so much riding on their availability, Liquid Web can be trusted as one of the most consistent and reliable providers online.



Time4VPS is another incredibly cheap option, starting at just $4.47 per month. But don’t let that fool you into thinking they can’t handle the biggest websites. They use a cloud-based infrastructure and a 100 Gbps network capacity, so your audience can keep growing without fear of your site crashing. They also take care of everything for you, including all maintenance, security, and data backups.


One of the more limited options, in terms of their variety of plans, Hostens is still an excellent choice at a low price of $6 per month. They handle daily and weekly backups, cPanel, SSL certificate, and email accounts for you. While they are based in Europe, they have servers around the world, including in the US and Asia.

Anyone of these cheap VPS plans will do what you need them to do. Choose the one that suits your needs most!