100+ Cute Names to Call your Boyfriend

Hi, Girls this article cute names to call your boyfriend is for you. Do you have a Boyfriend? and you will love him boundlessly and don’t know how to express to him. Then just call him with a special name rather than calling the general name. Yes, put a nickname to your boyfriend and call him with this name, This will increase the belongingness among each other and also you can be more special to him. Are you confused about nicknames and Can’t decide what name you have to call him? Then, don’t worry, the following are the 100 plus cute names to call your boyfriend and also Cute names to call your Boyfriend.

cute names to call your boyfriend


What are you waiting for? Just scroll down and select extraordinary cute names to call your boyfriend and make your life fill with romance. The following are the nicknames for your boyfriend. Check out these names and select the appropriate one, I’m sure you will because you know about him very well also see 21 questions to ask a girl.

Nicknames for boyfriend are the one which every girl wants to search. You can get the latest names to call your boyfriend for free. You can see the cute contact names for boyfriends in this article. Here we are going to describe the best names to call your boyfriends.

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Cute names to call your boyfriend

Cute nicknames for your boyfriend are listed below, you can check any one of the names from these and suggest it to your boyfriend. The name you call to your boyfriend means a lot to them. So you can choose a pet name for boyfriend and call then with it.

Cute Names for your Boyfriend

These are the cute collection through which you Cute Names to Call your Boyfriend. Check out these and have fun with these amazing collection of cute and sweet nicknames for your Lovable boyfriend.

  • Bugbug – Aww! Just the cutest name!
  • Bun – Short, but sweet.
  • Button – Not exactly traditional, but buttons are small and cute. See where we’re going here?
  • Buzz – A good pet name for a guy who doesn’t like overly cutesy names.
  • Candy – Because he’s sweet as candy. Geddit?!
  • Captain – A nautical name for that special someone.
  • Casanova – Ideal for a sexy and romantic man in your life.
  • Charming – If your dude charmed his way into your heart, this might be the ideal pet name.

names to call your boyfriend

  • Cherub – For a guy who’s sweet, romantic and ridiculously cute.
  • Chicken – Not in the sense that he’s scared, but because he’s your little chickadee.
  • Looker – Ideal for a guy who’s great to look at.
  • Love – If you love this man, this pet name will tell him so.
  • Love Muffin – You love him and he looks good enough to eat.
  • Lover – For that special someone who rocks your world in the bedroom.
  • Lovely – A cute name for your boyfriend, without being over the top.
  • Major – Great for that major crush in your life.
  • Marshmallow – He’s so sweet and you can’t get enough of him.
  • Mi Amor – Spanish for “my love.”
  • Monkey – A perfect name for a cheeky and playful dude.
  • Mr Cool – He’s cool and he knows it.
  • Tater Tot – Sinful but delicious.
  • Teddy Bear – The kind of guy you guy want to squeeze.
  • The Love of My Life – This one needs no explanation.
  • Tiger – He’s a tiger in the bedroom. Roar!

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Nicknames for Your Boyfriend

  • Baby Puff – adorable and unbearably attractive.
  • Bad boy – handsome brute who makes you weak at the knees.
  • Bae – one who is before anyone else in the world.
  • Bam Bam – mix of cocaine and gunpowder; a good nickname for a guy that rocks your world.
  • Bambi – Disney character. A cute nickname for a boy with a kind heart.
  • Genie – a good name to call the man of your dreams.
  • Genius – smart and charismatic.

cute names for boyfriend

  • Ghosty – one who appears and disappears out of nowhere; doing amazing things.
  • Good looking – handsome, one who makes your heart race.
  • Little puff – a person who gets his way no matter what.
  • Log – one who is well endowed and jaw-dropping sexy.
  • Loo loo – deadly sexy, sweet, fun, and bright.
  • Lord of the Vikings – aggressive, hot, loud and rough.
  • Love – my sweetheart.
  • The Love Bear – Cuddly love, darling, sweetheart.
  • Cute Lovebug – told to husband or one who is likely to become one.
  • Love Muffin – my darling, my love, sweetheart.
  • Loverboy – one who is sexy, cute and attractive.
  • My Baby – one who means the world to you.
  • Lovey Boo – best nickname for a good looking and great lover.

Cute Nicknames for your Boyfriend

cute things to call your boyfriend

  1. Big Guy
  2. Bad boy
  3. Batman or Superman
  4. Snuggle babe
  5. Soulmate
  6. Pudding Pop
  7. Stud
  8. Marshmallow
  9. Fruit Loops
  10. Daddy
  11. Captain
  12. Hot chocolate
  13. Pancakes
  14. My Angel
  15. Hunky
  16. Dare baby
  17. Mr Perfect

Nickname for My Boyfriend

Here are some of the nicknames for my boyfriend which i deadly use. Check the below names for your boyfriend. Also check best torrenting sites to get movies.

  • Amante – means “Lover” in Spanish. This nickname tells him he’ sexy in a sexy language.
  • Amigo – cute name to call a trusted male friend.
  • Amore – means love in Italian; my love, my lover, my sweetheart.
  • Bad boy – handsome brute who makes you weak at the knees.
  • Bae – one who is before anyone else in the world.
  • Cutie Pie – good enough to eat, wonderfully handsome.
  • Da Vinci – cool nickname for a genius.
  • Fluffy – soft, sensitive, warm and loving.
  • Gorgeous – reserved for the hottest and sexiest guy.
  • Grimm – Cool nickname for a guy who always has your back.
  • Hun-bun – buttocks you cannot keep your hands off.
  • Hunk – handsome, big, attractive.

Final Words

So friends hope you have found a right nickname for your boyfriends. Then enjoy and have fun with this best nicknames collection and have fun. Also please share this post with your friends on facebook, twitter and other social networking sites. Thank you for your love towards us, thank you for visiting our website, keep visiting for more updates on Aljum, top 5 and best apps stuff.