15+ Digital Scale Apps For Android {Updated}

Are you in search of the digital scale apps for android. Most of the applications are available through stores, IOS, Android mobiles and so forth. Likewise, there are some Digital scale apps for android that helps to weigh the things for reaching accurate results. As we know, there are many physical devices to measure the weight, Smart phones like Android, iOS, Google stores and so forth were started to develop applications which help us to weigh the things easily.

When we subject to Android smart phones, it is possible with the Digital Scales App to measure the things easily and accurately. If we have a look at Scales App For Android, such applications provide the exact approximation of weighing the small things.


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There are various Free Digital Scale Apps has been available in the store but only a few applications possess accurate results. Prior to measuring the things through smart phones, an individual must initiate to Download Digital Scales from play store. Most of the applications do not support to measure the large loads,  for such applications we can go for actual digital scale which is considered as a best free scale app. Mobile Digital Scale App is kind of the application available in store and can install for free trial initially. The application is user-friendly and realistic in nature. Smart phones constitute multiple heterogeneous android scales app available but only a few provide the best results.

Get the real digital scale app for android that also acts as the gram scale app. You can get the best digital scales from us. You can have a look at the weighing scales app from this article. Also have a glance on the hidden camera detector apps for android devices.


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Best Digital Scale Apps Free Download

The real digital scale app for android is categorized into 5 best free digital scales as follows.

  1. Kitchen Scale
  2. Scales. Meter weight
  3. Precision digital scale

These are the different kinds of free digital scale app available in the stores. An individual can easily access the applications and measure the tiny things accurately.


Kitchen Scale

The Kitchen Scale App is different from other applications available in Andriod. For example, if you want to know how much does the Mirchi powder weight, then it provides 5g other than providing an accurate number. It means this scale is inaccurate. This application generally displays in the form of a circle and it is completely guessed of how much the volume of the certain thing could take up. It may be the sugar, salt or any other substance. Make sure that your mobile is not water resistant and measuring the other substances on your mobile screen is also not suggested.

Features of Kitchen Scale

  • Kitchen Scale is highly rated free digital scale app for smart phones especially Android mobiles.
  • The application has the ability to make zero through the scale.
  • The scale is considered as real digital scale app for android and the weight rebound when an object is placed and removed.

digital -scale -apps- for- android

Scales. Meter weight

This is one of the best application that uses our smart phones screen and provides the approximate weight of the item. Now Place the object on the screen and you have to adjust the circle with the help of plus and minus buttons. Once you get satisfied, the circle is surrounded over the object and provide the sound guess regarding the weight. This app is similar to kitchen Scale app that measures the kitchen ingredients and it is a highly accurate program.

Features of Scales. Meter weight

  • This is one of the useful Free Digital Scale App for Andriod that helps to weigh the objects accurately or approximately.
  • Scales. Meter weight can weigh the things up to 500gms without any failure.
  • Also, this app can be used as random weighing program and it can be a prank app for others.

real-digital- scale- app- for- android

Precision digital scale

The precision digital scale App is one of the free software application available for Android smart phones. This app is currently available in English and it was updated recently on 2016-10-03.Firstly, Turn your phone into a precision digital scale and it enables you to weigh the thing by placing on the mobile screen or tablet. The application is considered as a beta version and weight is approximated. The complete measurement accuracy is dependent on how accurate we use the scale. The application is available on our website. You can download without any failure.

Features of Precision digital scale

  • The scale provides the high quality free digital scale app for android and provides an accurate result.
  • It constitutes good balance.

best-free- scale- app

List of other Digital Scale Apps Free Download

The below mentioned are some of the applications as we discussed.

  • IQ Digital scale simulator
  • Split Scale 50/50
  • Weed scale 4.20
  • Gram Scale App
  • Bodyweight scale app

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The above are the best Digital Scale Apps for Android among various applications. These applications help us to know the accurate weight of an object and for more information visit ttop10. You can download the applications without junk files from our links and All the Best.