Document Editing Apps For Android and iPhone

Want to know about the best applications to create and modify documents, then you are here in ttop10 you can simply get the document editing apps for android and iphone from us. You can use these applications and edit your saved documents. Sometimes you can even save your data in online in these apps and edit them when ever you want. If you have a smartphone then you can simply install and start using these applications.

These apps are available for free in the google play store or even in the app store. You can use these apps to create a new document and even share the docs with your friends too. Some of these apps are paid but most of them are available for free. In case if you go for the premium versions of these apps then you must pay for them.


Document Editing Apps

Create, send or modify documents are tasks that can be practiced anywhere and nowadays much more thanks to smartphones and tablets. What are the best applications to take notes or have access to documents regardless of where you are?

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Best Document Editing Apps For Android and iOS

Below are the best document editing apps for your android smartphone. These applications are available for free in the play store. Have a look at these apps and start using them on your device.

Power PDF

To create, modify and view PDF documents on your iPad or iPhone. It does so from multiple file types including DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT, RTF, XML, HTML and all kinds of text files. Also convert photos, scan using the camera, divide documents and delete pages too.

Power PDF app


OfficeSuite Pro 8

It allows to open, edit and share text documents in DOC, DOCX, DOCM, RTF, TXT and LOG formats, XLS, XLSX, CSV and XLSM spreadsheets and presentations PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, PPTM and PPSM. It also supports formats such as PDF, EML, ZIP, and files in both the device and the cloud. There is a free version and another with full cost and functions.

OfficeSuite Pro 8 app

Kingsoft Office

It claims to be one of the office apps best valued by users, for its features and the fact that it is free. It supports 23 kinds of text processing files, spreadsheets and presentations and supports cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox.

Droid Edit

Although it is quite simple it includes customization options such as colors and themes, only on Android. One of its differentiating features is that it allows you to undo changes without limit. It has keyboard shortcuts and allows to preview HTML files in the browser.

Google Docs

Within Google’s office suite called Drive, we find Docs the software to edit documents through any browser or the apps available for iOS and Android. What we do is automatically saved in the cloud and accessible from any place or device and also has several templates to start work or multiple options to export documents to among other formats like the universal pdf.

Google Docs app


To draw and write with realistic strokes. All ideas can be captured as sketches, diagrams, illustrations, notes or drawings, and then shared on Tumblr by email or on social networks. Compatible with iOS devices the download is free although additional tools can be purchased from within the app.

WPS Office

This free office suite for Android and iPad devices has a very careful user interface with a toolbar that combines the options for creating and editing most used documents. It supports a multitude of file formats and cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. It has free versions and a paid one that unlocks some additional features.

Microsoft Word

Since a few weeks the popular office software works for free and without subscription on both iPad and Android tablets and for Windows systems. In addition to Word the versions for Excel and PowerPoint tablets are also available and all of them included in the Microsoft Office suite.

Microsoft Word app

Hanx Writer

It takes the experience of writing on a classic typewriter to the tablet adding the convenience of entering digital text (such as the erase key for example). With it you can send texts by email, print and share writings. As a curiosity it can be said that it was created by actor Tom Hanks. Available exclusively for iOS devices and free.

Apple Pages

This app for iOS is a word processor with all the necessary tools to create documents which also allows working on Mac computers or with Word users. It has multiple tools for personalizing texts, creating graphics and illustrations. You can even activate the camera to insert an image and work on it.


The well-known cloud storage platform Dropbox allows the editing of files and text documents through an integration with Microsoft Office. Everything is done completely online and as simply as opening the respective file from the Dropbox interface which will allow us to have a complete editor for each file.

Dropbox app


Another of those cross-platform and executable applications in ‘the cloud’ that allow us to modify documents online is Zoho this is an office suite whose text editor called Writer is complete and elegant. There are versions for multiple devices (web browser or apps for iOS and Android) and of course includes collaboration options through which several users can simultaneously edit the same file.


This editor is somewhat peculiar when using the Markdown system widely used in forums, websites and different platforms on the Internet to format the content we are creating. Something similar to edit an html file but with a different syntax much more friendly and comfortable to read that everything is said is increasingly used in the whole world. Available exclusively for Apple devices including the MacOS desktop system and the iOS system for iPhone and iPad for a price between 6.99 and 12.99$.

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Hope these are the best and free document editing apps for your android smartphone. You can use these applications and install them on your device and edit the text when ever needed. For more information on android and ios applications visit ttop10 website.