How to Download an Instagram Video

On Instagram you can upload photos or videos. The photos can be saved by taking a screenshot, it is not at all complicated since all mobile devices can take a screenshot. Then we can share it in other social networks or through applications like WhatsApp, for example.

The problem is how to download an Instagram video ? A capture does not help us in this situation. So let’s see how we can achieve download any Instagram video to our device in a very simple way. Here we are going to do the same but telling you how to download your Instagram videos. Of course, this time it will not be so easy and we will need to pull a third party page to get it.


download instagram video

In the network there is an immense amount of pages that allow you to download your videos from the Internet. Among all today we’re going to show you one called, basically because it has a function to automatically activate when you enter two characters in the direction of your video. In this way it is simplified to the maximum how you can do it.

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Download Instagram videos

We can not use the same social network to download the videos since it does not have any option to perform this task. Therefore we will need another application to be able to download all the videos that we see in this social network, also have a look at send private Messages on Instagram.

The application that we are going to use to download Instagram videos on Android is called Video downloader for Instagram which you will be able to find in the Play Store by following this link or searching for it by the name that you mentioned above.

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Application to Download Instagram Videos

How is this app used? It is very simple since the only thing that you are going to have to do is simply follow the steps that I will leave you below:

  • First of all, you’re going to have to open Instagram.
  • You have to find the video you want to download.
  • Once you find it simply copy the URL of it (Click on share and you will see the option to copy link).
  • Now you have to paste the same URL of the app in the application that we previously downloaded.
  • After this you will have to press ” Download “.
  • The download of the video starts automatically and you can find the same in the Android gallery.

How to save Instagram videos

As you can see, saving or downloading Instagram videos on Android is considerably easy like the instagram automation. In a few steps you can have all the videos that you can share in different social networks, in WhatsApp or simply save them in your device.

The app works great, it is very intuitive and above all things are very simple to use. It has the right and necessary options to do what we need is to download Instagram videos.

Also as always if you still have some kind of doubt about how to download an Instagram video, you can leave it below.

how to download instagram video

Downloading an Instagram video

The first thing you have to do is locate the video you want to see. You can do it in your feed or by going directly to the profile of the person who uploaded it. Once located, right click on the video and choose the option Open in new tab . This is something that you can also do directly from your feed or with any video that you find at any time.

Having opened it in a new tab, you will see that the video address has a format like .Now you just have to click on this address and add qq before instagram, so that the address is https://www. qq

You will see that the browser will load. It will take several seconds, maybe too much, but when it is over you will have taken it directly to and it will have loaded your Instagram video, so now you just have to search and press the download button to start downloading the video. On your right you will see the exact space it occupies.


With this you can easily use to save the instagram videos on your pc or android. If you want to know more information about the instagram you can simply visit our website ttop10 and know more from us.