How To Download Videos From Hotstar

How to download videos from hotstar: Hotstar is very much popular and highly trending app available all over the world. One can do watch numerous TV shows, streaming movies in various languages, cricket and much more. Initially, it was meant only for the cricket videos in the year 2014. Later on, it has included various movies, popular shows and much more. The only requirement you need is to have an internet connection. Once after that, the growth has been rapidly increased.

Moreover supported by various versions like PC, Mac and also came for how to download hotstar videos on Android. Most of all choosing hotstar video downloader for pc in order to stream their favorite movies/tv shows on anytime whenever they like to stream.


how to download videos from hotstar

Various users have come with the query how to download videos from hotstar app and worried about it. If you like to watch all your favorite shows/movies in offline mode, no need to get worried about it. This is because it has come with an outstanding option as the user can download video from hotstar in pc and stream later whenever they like to do. The hotstar allows you to download the videos directly. In some cases, it might be a bit difficult to download some videos. But no need to get much worried about it. As we are here to help you in passing few instructions. So do follow and enjoy streaming videos to the greater extent.

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Steps for How To Download Hotstar Videos

How to download videos from hotstar? Well, I am here to tell you. There are numerous methods to download hotstar videos and here let us focus on 2 different methods that help you download video from hotstar to the greater extent. Here we go.

How To Download Movies From Hotstar In PC

Through this hotstar video downloader for windows method, one can easily download numerous videos and enjoy very well. The process will be same for all the windows operating systems. By following certain instructions, and using CMD, can do download and stream very well. so why to delay? Let us go here and get the favorite videos successfully.

  • The very first you need to get hotstar video downloader software program named as a hotstartlivestreamer.rar file.
  • So, perform a single click on the below download button to get the apk with no virus.


  • Remember as this is the rar file. The user is requested to extract all its files on PC.
  • Open the extracted folder and click on the hotstartlivestreamer.rar file with no doubt.
  • Thereafter you will see the pop-up appearing on the screen.
  • Open the hot star app and copy the link which you prefer to stream and paste at the command prompt.


  • Do select the quality of video you like to choose and type d for downloading videos through the hot star.
  • Finally, you can see the video downloading on PC and go to the downloads folder in order to identify the download video from the extracted file.
  • All these steps are very much needed to follow and we assure as you will not face any kind of troubleshooting issues.
  • In conclusion, through this method, you can download infinite movies and enjoy the experience to the greater extent.

How To Download Hotstar Videos For PC Excluding Other Software

Do we have an option to download and stream videos without any software? Yes, we have. Preferring this method is so simple and easy way. Just follow the below steps carefully and enjoy the experience very well.

  • Initially, open the hotstar app and select the video you like to stream.
  • Now do copy the respective URL of the selected video.
  • Go directly to the and paste the link that you have selected before.


  • Tap enter to move forward.
  • And the very next, you need to provide the quality of the video. Choose the quality you prefer and then click on generate the download link.
  • Wait for several seconds as the process is running background. Perform a single click and download successfully.
  • By using this simple and easy method you can download unlimited videos/ tv shows and stream to the greater extent.

Hopefully, you are cleared enough with the instructions and understood successfully. So why to delay? Follow now and get the numerous movies streaming successfully.

How To Download Videos From Hot star

Do stream the below video and download all your favorite shows/games without causing any kind of the error.


As a result, you have cleared about two hotstar downloader online different methods which help you to download and stream the videos successfully. If you have any doubts, feel free to share. Also, can share/ pass the information to friends/family/social networking sites with no doubt. Keep visiting Aljum for more updates. Thank you for the visit.