Best 5 Alternatives To Emuparadise To Download ROMS

Emuparadise has closed its doors, well it has restricted access to its downloads after 18 years. In this informative article we will explain what have been the reasons and the best alternatives to Emuparadise that we can find.

First of all from the Green Android we advocate for intellectual property being this article merely informative, in fact in our post about emulators for Android we talked about the different legal emulators that we can get mostly in Play Store not supporting any kind of download or link roms of them both at the link level or placing those files on our servers.


emparadise alternatives

That said we will see the news itself as it brings “tail” and the different alternatives to Emuparadise that can be very useful and can be used here. Before going to know about them simply have a look at What is emuparadise.

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What is Emuparadise?

Emuparadise is (or rather was) one of the largest platforms for downloading emulator roms. Obviously this is something that violates the law of intellectual property and copyright although it surprises this website has been active for 18 years.

With its more than 20 million monthly visits we are talking about a platform for downloading roms very top and even monetized with Adsense. Something that does not make sense because it clearly violates Google’s policies however with such amount of visits it is clear that the giant of Mountain View turned a blind eye.

Why has Emuparadise closed?

It all started a few days ago when Loveroms closed their doors for a million-dollar lawsuit by Nintendo of more than 100 million dollars. This is not coincidental and has coincided with the launching of retro-payment games on the Nintendo Switch. On the one hand it is completely normal for it to happen since these roms are protected by copyright and I can see that Nintendo wants to monetize them. The problem is how Tuber says is that we have already paid in the past for compilations of these games on other consoles. Why pay again for them?


All this and for fear of reprisals have caused the creator of emuparadise (MasJ) to express the reasons why he closes his website in this letter. The fact is that each time you close a web of this type appear 10 more similar so we will see what are the best alternatives to Emuparadise.

5 Best Alternatives to Emuparadise

Here we are going to record the best alternatives to Emuparadise, in fact we are going to mention them without download links since, as we have said above, our work is merely informative. is a pretty retro portal where we can find many roms of many machines of bars and games of domestic consoles, being an excellent alternative to Emuparadise.

emuparadise alternative

This portal is one of the best alternatives to Emuparadise, in fact it has a lot of antiquity and it will allow us to download Dreamcast roms (ideal for the Reicast emulator ), Ps2, PSP, roms (for our Mame4droid emulator ) and many more.

websites like emuparadise

This is one of the few portals where you can still download roms from Nintendo consoles although surely for a short time. The design is very careful and the web loads very fast, the roms are mostly compressed in zip format and we have a multitude of roms of consoles retro a page similar to Emuparadise without a doubt.


Another website that has withdrawn Nintendo roms downloads, however we have thousands of games available from other retro consoles and gaming machines such as Neo Geo or Capcom Cps1 and Cps2 games, ideal for the emulator for Android.

emuparadise alternatives

A web “very tocha” with more than 4475 GB of data that correspond with more than 500,000 roms ideal for lovers of retro games an ideal alternative to Emu paradise.


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I hope you liked the 5 best alternatives to Emu paradise, if you know more similar websites you could add them to this top so leave them written in comments. No more telling you not to forget to share and have a great day I hope to see you again, see ttop10 for more information.