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Are you searching for the best english learning apps for your android. English is a language which is considered as international medium of communication. You can communicate with people of different regions with the help of English only. But most of the people are weak in English vocab and grammar due to which they can’t speak with that much fluency. Even if they speak; they speak wrong English.

There are even courses where they challenge that they will make you learn English in just 10 days but I must say that those courses are absolutely fake. Don’t believe on those courses and pay heavy fees. When you can learn by sitting gin your home then why to go to coaching institutes to “How to learn English?”.


english learning apps

There are many apps available on Google Play store where learning English free apps are available which will help you in speaking fluent English. Not only fluency but along with that grammar and vocab will be enriched. You just need to install the app and learn lesson by lesson. If you will learn with dedication I can guarantee that you will be able to see the results in yourself. So, now let us look at some very good English language learning apps and also have a glance on best free movie apps for android which will help you in long run.

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Best English Learning Apps

Look at English Language learning apps. All of them are really very efficient in making you learn English. Now let us look at English learning apps. These free English learning apps will definitely help you in making you speak fluent English. All are excellent like free calling apps. You should try them definitely and I bet you will be able to see positive results in yourself.

50 languages – learn english app

best english learning app

This app is a perfect app for English learning. In this you can learn over 40 languages. There are 100 lessons for every language. Audio and text is there in the 50 languages app. Audios will enhance the learning experience of yours and you will be able to learn quickly. The fact is established that what we learn by listening and seeing is rarely learnt by reading. This app is a perfect example of that. Also you can have 1600 combination of different languages.


Also when you have downloaded audios for learn English App they will remain offline also so that you don’t need to spend your data every time listening to the audios. This app is almost free and a true example of learning English. Just go for it and make your English really very good. All the best!!

FluentU – speaking english app

english learning apps

It is a really best English learning app. It is available free of cost or 8$ per month. If you take yearly subscription you will get it in 180$ per year. In this the way of making you learn English is something different. In this app you will videos which you can see so that they can naturally improve your English. There are various videos taken from our daily life like some TV show video or some commercial. The videos are short only. In that you can see captions that what the person is speaking. Also even if you cannot understand the captions you can click on those captions.

You can know better more about that word. Also quiz is there so that you can give quiz. Then you can analyse the quiz. In this way you will be able to learn better. This is definitely good for those who learn easy from videos. Go for this app. It is definitely good.

Rosetta Stone – spoken english app

top english learning app

This Speaking English app has a very unique way of learning English language. Not only English you get to learn wide variety of languages. If you know French and you get to learn English then with the help of this app you will see the English sentences with French translations so that you can learn very quickly. It let you learn first basic words and then you heed towards complex sentences and phrases. First with the help of pictures and audios you will learn basic words. Isn’t it a great way of teaching English? Yes it is. So you will be able to lean English very quickly.

Memrise – language learning apps

This Spoken English App is also a good way to make you learn English. It let you play games and with the help of which you will learn English. There are 13 chapters from which you will learn English. You will get to learn many wrong words which are often spoken. How these words will be corrected will be seen. It also makes you learn many new words so as to increase your vocabulary. It really presents a very good way to make you learn English.


In this you will remember that what words you have learnt and what words are still to be learnt. If you are a beginner or an advanced learner you can go for this app. This is definitely a good creation and is absolutely free. So you don’t need to worry about bucks which you need to spend in order to buy this app.

ILinQ Language Learning

english language learningThis app for learning English allows you to study and learn different languages in offline mode. This app allows you to learn by listening to the audio of written material. This is a very helpful feature for you. If you want to mark or highlight the important points and phrases you can do in this app. Here firstly you have to make account and you can study in offline mode and if you prefer online mode then there you will get many more attractive features which help you to study more efficiently for this you only have spent your data. so overall it is a very good, simple and efficient way to learn English.

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So we have looked at five most speaking English learning apps which can surely improve your English substantially. All of them have their own way of teaching but one thing that I am pretty sure is their capability and innovation. With the help of these apps one day you will be able to speak English very fluently that everyone will be amazed. All the best!!