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Best Facial Recognition Apps

Face recognition app: One of the most used functions in the mobile by anyone is the camera. As you know there are different cameras it is the default of the device but if not you can download other different such as Google’s camera called “Google Photos”. Below are some of the best face recognition app for android check below.

With this camera there is a function called “facial recognition” which is only available to those US users that is the rest of people from other countries can not access it, here are the android face recognition app. That is why in this article we will explain how to activate it without having to live in the United States.


Facial Recognition Apps

For this, it is only necessary to apply a little trick to deceive our device and make it believe that we are really American for a short period of time. Here are the face recognition app for android free download check out below.

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What is Facial Recognition

First of all we will explain what exactly facial recognition consists of. It is a very simple function, since it is only responsible for organizing the faces of the photos. That is, group the same faces and have our photos organized by people, without us having to do anything, because everything is automatic.

Of course, we must bear in mind that this function of Google is only responsible for grouping, not the label or name each face that identifies.

How to Activate it?

Well, once we know what it is, it’s time to explain how to make our mobile carry it out. You just have to follow these simple steps.

  • First of all you must access the application and delete all the data it contains. To do this go to Settings> Applications> Google Photos and then click on “Clear Data”.
  • Then we must connect a US VPN on our mobile. For this there are simple and free applications such as Hotspot Shield or Tunnel bear, that allow you to carry out this step.
  • Now it’s time to open the application in question Google Photos and activate the option “Group similar faces”
  • Once activated the option we can disconnect the VPN we have used and finally we delete the data of that application again
  • Once you’ve done these steps you can now enjoy the easy recognition option of the Google camera anywhere and anytime you want it or want to use it. Easy right?

The trick is to make our Android device believe that we are for a moment in the United States, so that then there is no problem in grouping the different faces.

So if you want to have all the photos of the same person organized do not hesitate to carry out this little trick because in a matter of minutes you can have activated this interesting option.

And remember that this feature is only available with the Google Photos camera, therefore it is essential to have that camera to carry out this process.

Visidon AppLock Plus

Certain applications can guarantee an additional layer of security. Visidon App Lock Plus allows Android users to block individual applications which require facial recognition in order to open them. This is useful because there are certain facial recognition (for example Angry Birds) and others that could be (for example your banking application). This is one of the best facial recognition app iphone.

Visidon AppLock Plus

Face Recognition from Sokrush

This is another case of a facial recognition application that is being used for entertainment. With the Sokrush facial recognition app you can take pictures of an individual’s face and analyze their characteristics to try to recognize what mood they are in. This is a top face recognition app android.

Face Recognition from Sokrush

Face Detection screen lock

This face detection application helps improve device security by allowing Android users to lock/unlock their phone or specific files using facial recognition.

Face Detection screen lock

Oasis Face

Oasis Face which is available on Mac OSX for iOS, Windows and Android allows users to lock and unlock their device by facial recognition. It is a new face recognition app for this year.

Applock Face

Applock gives Android users the ability to lock and unlock applications and files using facial and voice recognition. This AppLock guarantees that only you can access your personal information social network applications and financial accounts or make changes to your phone settings.

Face Lock Screen

Face Lock Screen is a free Android solution that allows users to unlock several applications through face recognition.


Luxand offers a facial recognition SDK and face detection API that offer all kinds of features for applications such as transforming faces into 3D avatars predicting how children will look and more.

Live Face Detection

With Live Face Detection it is possible to detect faces in real time with the camera. Once the faces are detected they can be transformed into social images and easily shared with friends.


With Vault you will never be caught unprepared with sensitive material on your phone. This Android application allows you to hide and protect your private photos and videos in a private gallery block confidential applications and back up your data securely in the cloud. You can also share private data between multiple devices. You can even unlock your vault using the face recognition component of the application.


Facial recognition applications are popular all over the world. FindFace is a face recognition app that The Guardian claims is “taking Russia by surprise”. It works by comparing photographs with profile images on Vkontakte, a popular social network in Russia and the former Soviet Union with more than 200 million accounts. The goal of the application’s designers is a world where people who pass in front of you on the street can find your social network profile by filming your photo furtively and stores, advertisers and the police can get your face out of the crowds and track it through social networks. The application claims that it is capable of matching 250 million faces in 0.3 seconds.

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Hope you have got the best face recognition app for android and iphone. You can see the best applications that are good for your phone. If you have any other apps simply share with us. Visit ttop10 for more information.