How To Find WiFi Password On Windows 10

how to find wifi password on windows 10: Are you in need and finding wifi password on windows 10? Not an issue. I am here to provide all the process in step by step. So that you can connect in a more simple way especially when you are in need. Why I am saying this because there is a possibility to view the Wi-Fi password in Windows 10.

how to find wifi password on windows 10


Or else you might face the situation when you like to connect to another device with the Wifi password you entered in the system in previous. So in that situation, the below process helps you and connect successfully. Have a look at the below instructions provided with screenshots so that can connect to the network successfully.

Also, while there are numerous stores, service stations, restaurants and much more offers free WiFi, and in turn, you see multiple networks saved on the laptop. Therefore having the password saved on the system is great and can get the password by following the below process.

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How To Find Wifi Password On Windows 10

By having look at the below process, you can get all the answers especially for the queries how to see wifi password on windows 10, how to check wifi password on windows 10 and much more instantly.

How To Find Windows 10 Wifi Password

Follow the below instructions provided in clear and understandable format. As such the windows 10 show wifi password in a simple way. All the thing you need to do is follow the steps one by one provided below.

  • The first step, when you are connected to the network, click on wifi icon appeared at the bottom of the screen.


  • Now perform a click on network settings displayed there.


  • And now you get the window appeared showing Network Sharing Center. You need to click on that particular option to show wifi password windows 10 successfully.


  • So that it shows all the networks in which your system is connected with.
  • There you can see the name of the Wifi network beside the connections appeared on the screen.
  • Perform a click on it so that you get the window appeared showing details and wireless properties.
  • Tap on wireless properties.
  • Go to security so that it displays all the security type, encryption type and also the network security key.


  • Click on show characters where you can see the password created by the admin.


  • That’s all, now you are successfully connected with it.

How to View Wifi Password On Windows 10

Firstly open the command prompt -> type in the command prompt as netsh wlan show profiles. So that will display the complete list of all the Wi-Fi networks you have connected with.


In turn, each of these will be the mentioned profiles and display through the SSID Name without causing any kind of trouble. And then type again as netsh wlan show profile name=”Profile-Name” key=clear. So that the profile name will show the name of the Wi-Fi network which you prefer to know the password without any fail.


Finally, you are done with the password for the network you preferred will be displayed below the security tab.


Finally, I hope you are cleared of the whole concept windows 10 find wifi password very well. Therefore, if you have any doubts about windows 10 view wifi password, can comment on the below section. Feel free to share all your opinion. Thank you for the visit. Keep visiting ttop10 for more useful information.