Best Flashlight Apps For Android and iOS

Going in the dark and throwing a flashlight app on your Android device may be the solution, so you do not crash into the wall or the brown wall with part of the living room furniture or your room, when the light has gone by whatever reason. Here are some of the best flashlight apps for android and ios, simply have a look at these apps.

In Android we have all kinds of apps, but this time we are going to share a series of flashlight apps so that the LED light of the mobile flash serves to illuminate the room. Some flashlight apps that usually ask for permission to use the microphone, because it is the way to use that element of your Android phone camera.


flashlight apps

They are not any fad. Flashlight apps can get us out of big trouble in difficult situations. For example when we are at home and suddenly the light goes off at eleven o’clock at night. Or when we arrive too late at home and do not want to turn on all the lights.

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Latest Flashlight Apps

Here are some of the latest flashlight applications for the android smartphone, have a look at these apps.

Flash light

One of those flashlight apps that is characterized by having a good series of functions. Among them is the ability to use the palms of the hand to activate without having to turn on the phone. At the same time it comes equipped with an energy saving mode, a timer to have the flashlight activated or a video mode to use the zoom and thus see the font of a word larger.

Free Flashlight with Powerful Light

One of the most popular Android flashlight apps from the Google Play Store and which, like the previous one, comes with a large number of functions. One of those functions is to illuminate the light of the mobile screen through various modes such as emergency, military and relief. It also has widgets so that we can activate it from the mobile desktop. Another one of those flashlight apps with advertising, although it gets along well with the app’s own interface.


Lytish Flashlight

Lytish is another of those flashlight apps for Android, although not as popular as the previous two apps. It is relatively new, so we have a well designed app with a minimalist style that makes it very easy to use. It is enforced in several ways, even with strobe light and a screen widget to activate the flashlight function from the screen without having to open the app completely.

LED Color Flashlight Light

This Android app can be included in flashlight apps with more downloads from the Android store. It is characterized by customized effects to simulate illuminations such as police or relief, as well as the option to change the color of the lantern light. A simple flashlight app that stays a bit far from a great design on the interface so we can taste it properly.


A free flashlight app on Android that uses some features such as the timer, quick start and the use of the light on the screen if there is no option to use the LED flash of the mobile camera. Another of these flashlight apps with tens of thousands of downloads that has a good score, so it is placed as one of the best options in this list of flashlight apps.

Lantern by Ruddy Rooster

It does not get as many downloads as other flashlight Android apps on the list, although it does have its thousands of followers that take advantage of its stroboscope light, warning light, police lights or even Morse code. With the morse code you can express yourself through the light so that a friend or contact knows the message you are sending. One of the most positive reviews received in the Android store in the list of flashlight apps.

Other Similar Apps

Flashlight apps for your Android device with which you can illuminate entire rooms in which light is scarce or where there simply is no light due to a blackout. All are free although you’ll have to get used to advertising.