Font Style Apps For Android and iOS

App for Stylish Fonts for Android iOS

Are you searching for the Font style apps for your smartphone, then you are at the right place, see some of the best applications to change the font on your device. As you know the typography means a lot to us as wee see all the messages and our visual is based on the font.

If we have a good font we feel some what better and it gives a clear understanding for us. Some times the fonts are not good and we cannot understand a letter too. So for them we are providing the font style app.


font style apps

We know that your love for typography has no limits. To unleash your debauchery by the letters and types, here we gather 10 typography apps, applications exclusively for your enjoyment.

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Font Style Apps For Android and iOS

You can change font on android with some applications. See the new and best font applications for android and ios device.

1. The Font Game

From I Love Typography comes this game for iPhone in which you can test your typing skills it is a free fonts apps. In The Font Game you face yourself in a battle of wit and willpower against 30 source samples. It includes different levels of difficulty and more than 1,000 sources to identify.



2. Tiff

A simple tool to compare online, the differences between sources. This app allows you to load fonts from the Google Fonts library and make comparisons by superimposing the characters. Sometimes the surprise comes when you see that the differences are minimal.


3. Typefaces

Tool for iPhone and iPad developed by kanotomo. It works like a source viewer that shows you all that are on your device – for now, Apple does not offer this possibility – with information about each one and the display of available characters. Simple but quite useful if you need to know the information of your sources by hand.


4. Font Test

Not only does Apple live. So, here is an app for Android devices. Fontest is a tool that allows you to preview your sources. Includes 6 free quality sources.


5. Fontli 

It works as a social network. The application allows you to share this passion ‘tipopata’ through images taken from a mobile device you catch where you get caught whether on the street, an exhibitor a shop window or a sign on a lost highway.


6. Calligraphy Practice

App developed by the Portuguese Joao Brandao in order to learn and practice calligraphy at the touch of a finger. It has an easy tracing system and an advanced calligraphic brush tool that allows its use to be natural and intuitive.

Calligraphy Practice

7. What the Font

This application is already a celebrity and one of the essential tools of the designers. You take a picture of the typography (as focused as possible) and wait for the answer in the application. Give some options but usually correct and even difference between weights, something that does not stop surprising you. In addition, the application is free. Perfect!

What the Font

8. Nerd Font

Application that every good tippet worth his salt should have on his iPhone. The application has the approval of The app challenges you to select your favorite sources and discover how well you know them [or not so well] as you thought.

Nerd Font

9. Notegraphy

App that rethinks the way we write and share the text messages of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. so they stop being flat and have a design note. Its creators are Herraiz Soto & Co, who again surprise us with an application that brings us beauty from its more technological and creative side.


10. Ampergram

The app that fuels your typographic hunger through Instagram. You can capture your own typographic characters and upload them or use those already published on the network. [Free available for Mac and PC for iPhone and iPad and paid Android devices].


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Hope you have got the Font style apps for your android smartphone, you can see the applications from us for your mobile, all these apps are tested and and are provided here.. Visit ttop10 for more information.