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Get the free calling app for android and ios devices. The era of 21st century has revolutionized the world with emerging technology and high tech solutions. Earlier we used to pay so many bucks in order to make phone call and now we don’t need to pay any money as we are now having apps like Whatsapp from which we can do voice calling.

The world is changing so fast that just 2 years ago we used to do calling using wireless networks and now we are using data network to do VoIP. VoIP full form is voice over internet protocol. Isn’t it exciting that as years are passing you have to do conversations only using data signals only.



But for this you need internet connection and free calling app for android in your phone which allows smooth calls over internet connection. Let us look at some free calling apps which can let you call without any money.

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Free Calling Apps For Android and iOS

Below are the free calling apps for android and ios devices. Have a look at these applications and know more about them.

Facebook Messenger

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Now days about 80% of the population use Facebook so it is very common that the recipient of the call must also be using Facebook. People now days consider Facebook to be boring and total wastage of time. But one advantage of Facebook messenger is that you can do video and voice calls through it which makes your life easy. Hence Facebook is the mostly leveraged best free calling app for free calls on android.


Google hangouts


Google hangouts are application developed by Google for messaging and doing video calls. For Google hangouts you just need a Gmail account which about 80% of population of world has. So you can easily communicate to people using chats and voice calling. In video calls you can connect to 10 different people at a same time.

Kakao Talk


This free voice calling app is generally used by people of North America. In this you can do voice calling through VoIP. In voice calling you can connect to 10 people at a same time. It is good for situation when we want more than 2 people in a call. The interface of the app is very user friendly. The best feature about this app is that it supports multiple platforms i.e. android, windows and others.



Line is a best calling app for free calling on android. It let you connect to other line users for free and also you can connect to other non-line users by paying some bucks. You can send free messages using Line. It also supports cross platform i.e. you can connect to line on android while you are online on line in PC. So try Line once. You will love it.



Magic App is also one of the spanking applications used to make free calls on android. It allows you to connect to other magic app users for free. But yet there are some regional limitations while connecting to non-line users. While doing so if you are connecting within US you don’t have to pay any bucks but while connecting to outside US you have to pay some bucks. In total Magic App is a good app.

Free Call Online Apps

So now you got know first 5 apps which will help you in calling for free on any android phone. If you have an android phone it is cherry over cake to make free call online. You can take many advantages of the phone and just be updated then only you will be able to save some bucks. Let us know some more apps which will help you in making free calls on android.

Nimbuzz messenger


Nimbuzz is also another free phone call app which let you call to other users for free. The best quality about Nimbuzz is that the voice quality is very good and you will have a very good experience. So go for Nimbuzz and you will really have a very good experience over calling along with texting.



Skype is one of the best internet calling apps in order to do call on android and that too for free. You can install the app and make an account over it for making calls and texting. It is also platform independent i.e. it is available for most of the platforms. So installing on any platform and can communicate with Skype on any platform. It is the most leveraged apps for voice and video calling in corporate sector. Install the app and enjoy its rich experience of voice calling.



Tango is another application which can be utilized for free calling on android. You can online phone call to tango users for free irrespective of the location of the users. Also you can play games on tango and you can invite your friends also on tango for playing games. So it is another good application which can be used to place free calls on android.



Viber is another free international calls app used to make free calls on android. One must use viber to make free calls. You should use it when you are trying to call to other Viber users. So, this is a very good way. So one should use tango and make best use of it to save money.

Yahoo Messenger


Yahoo messenger is a good app if you want to have free voice calling and also want to do free text messages. It is an older app and one of the most reliable apps found in play store. You can even do group chat and have group voice calling. So, it all depends on you whether you want to use it or not. But I will suggest going for it. So try this app and give feedback and all the best.

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So, after knowing all the apps from which you can do free calling app on android phones you should first get an android phone. A good internet connection is requested for VOIP to function properly. So try all the apps and then choose the best one. You should try using the most leveraged apps available on app store and also look for ones who are free. As it would save cost and you will be saved with more bucks. So all the best and have fun. Visit Aljum for more information.