Free Dancing Apps For Android and iOS

Free Dancing Apps To Learn

Free Dancing Apps: Are you one of those people who has always wanted to learn to dance but for one reason or another you could not? Get the best collection of apps in order to learning to dance. If you have a android or ios device then you can simply use these free dancing applications.

Well, you should know that currently, in mobile devices there are multiple tools that can help you with this amount of visual material to solve any doubt. In Mobility, we have made a selection of the best dance applications that were tried on our device.


free dancing apps

Here we providing you the best free dancing applications to learn the dance steps in home. You can use application for free.

Zumba Dance

Take the Zumba Fitness exercises wherever you go with the revolutionary new motion-based Zumba Dance app. Zumba Dance is the first application with complete routines that can make comments and encourage you. Let yourself be carried away by the contagious choreography of the Zumba flagship program “exercise in disguise”, at home or wherever you are. Move forward while the Zumba star instructors, Beto Pérez, Gina Grant and Kass Martin guide you through the intense classes. Dance to the music with three hours of routines available. Move the skeleton with the hits of the lists like LMFAO, Pitbull, Tiesto, Kat Deluna, and Sean Paul, as well as contagious original Zumba songs.


zumba app

The exclusive Zumba Dance game helps you not lose motivation by tracking the calories you burn, the goals achieved and the technical improvements while you play. Get the most out of your exercises with the pre-programmed 60-minute classes or create your own favorite list among low, medium or high-intensity routines. With more than three and a half hours of dance routines available. Zumba Dance allows you to get in shape when, where you want and as if it were a party.

Tango Lessons

Tango lessons is a totally free application that shows the basic steps of a dance of great difficulty, as is this ballroom dance. This way you can learn this complex dance without going to a dance academy. This app contains Argentine tango for the most part, but also another dance, bachata. These two types of dances will show you that it is art. Never learning to dance had been so easy and fun.


Tango LessonsDo not forget that tango lessons are totally free and you can share it on Facebook and WhatsApp with your friends. You will also receive added innovations monthly.

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Free dancing apps for Android and iPhone

Here are the free dancing apps for iphone and android. You can check the applications below and start using on your android phone.

Break Dance Tutorial

It is the most popular dance among young people, although its beginnings go back as far as four decades ago. The breakdance triumphs with its choreography, impossible movements and, above all, the visual that is. Unlike ballet, for example, break dance bet on explosiveness and speed, which is evident at first glance.

Break Dance Tutorial App

The application chosen to learn this dance marvel is “Break Dance”. So, without more. Through images and videos, the application teaches the different dance steps, from the easiest to some more complex. The key, of course, is to create new street dancers who can develop their art without going to school.


One of the most complex dances that exist, but also one of the most beautiful when the technique is controlled. The ballet has been studied for decades, hence the people dedicated to it are considered true masters.

ballet app

With ” How to dance ballet ” the basic concepts of this dance are internalized, as well as other more advanced concepts. However, the main thing is what is commented in the superior lines we are taught the basic positions through images and videos so that we repeat them exactly the same.

Belly Dancing

Learn to dance belly dance with ease. If you like Arabic dances, such as belly dancing, this application will like you. Learn the sensual movements of this Arab dance. Know the main steps and choreography. We have dance lessons and belly dance tutorials, as well as the best dance songs.

Our series of dance apps include this belly dance app, but also other applications with other types of ethnic dances, Latin dances, ballet, salsa or bachata, among others. But if you want to learn to move your hip, learn to dance belly dance, this application of Arabic dances is for you.

Hip Hop Baths

It is ideal for beginners since you will learn from scratch, the tool has many movements and choreographies of hip-hop, reggae, and work routines. This app focuses on the musical part and the dance, you can train from home or anywhere. Heard the urban music that the application has. Feel the rhythm of hip-hop in your body by downloading the application here.

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Dancing does not have to be a difficult task, now you have a tool that will allow you to move in the simplest way. We gave you the best applications to learn to dance, through them you can learn any type of dance. Enjoy this activity without any limitations, no matter your age, build or weight to achieve it you should only have the ideal tool and the best attitude. Visit ttop10 for more information.