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Now a day’s people curiosity of seeing movies has reached zenith. Whenever a new movie releases people go crazy to book PVR tickets. But watching every movie in PVR is like adding weight to your pocket. So here we are telling you easy ways to watch the free movies for android without any additional cost.

It is possible with the help of your smartphone either is android or ios. Do you know that free movie apps for android and ios are available for every platform where you can actually see the movies in online and online movie video downloaders? The Apps are available free of cost or you can use our tool which is video downloader to watch them offline.


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So let us see which are the top 15 best free movie apps for android and ios which can make you go crazy. They will definitely Phillip you in watching more and more movies. What can be better than that? Let us watch free movie apps for android.

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Apps For Free Movies

Get the best applications to watch movies in online for free. Simply have a look at these apps and watch movies and tv series in online.

  1. CinemaBox

Most of you know this app by name PLayBox HD. It has recently changed its name to Cinemabox. It is available for free and other features like subtitles are provided with the movies available on CinemaBox. Its interface is very user friendly. In fact you can download the movies and then see in offline mode. You can search for any movie and you will get results instantaneously. top-10-apps-for-movies

  1. MegaBox HD

This android movie app is also very popular when we think of watching movies in our smartphone. You can get this app in Play store and that too for free. But the drawback is that it is available for android users only. Also the quality in which you can watch the movie is only of 2 type. 1 is 360p and other one is of 720p.Also don’t worry that it is going to take large space in your phone. It is just going to take 1.8 MB in your smartphone.

  1. Bobby Movie Box

This best free mobile app for android is very user friendly and gets regular updates so that the app doesn’t get obsolete. The movies which you will get on this app will mostly be in HD quality. You can download it in free from Google Play store. free-movie-apps

  1. Newest Movie HD

This app for free movies is available free of cost on Google Play store. You must be thinking that in order to use this app for long you need to take some subscription. No you don’t need to take any subscription. Also before seeing any movie you can see the rating of the movie. So in total it is very good app for watching movies on your smartphone.


  1. Flipps HD

This movie app for android is definitely the best free movie app for android and ios. The app helps you to download movies in no lag. In fact you can stream the movies from smartphone without any delay. Also you know the streaming of movies can be done also with the help of your TV with the help of this app. So what can be best than that? You can actually see your movie in your home theatre with the help of this app.


  1. ShowBox

This is an ultimate mobile movie app which is available free in Google Play store. You can see various movies, TV series, TV serials and other shows on it. The quality of the movie is just awesome. Also you download the movies in offline mode. The free movie app is most widely used movie app.


  1. ViewSter

You can see almost all serials and movies on this app for free. The best part is that you don’t need to make any account on it. You can use the app without doing sign in. You can watch the movies on your TV with the help of this app. What can be better than that?


  1. Crackle

It is one of the best mobile apps available. It has huge collection of movies and serials. You can see all of them in HD quality. You can just stream the videos in it as you don’t have the permissions to download the movies. With the help of this app also you can watch the movie in your TV.


  1. Hubi

Hubi is new in the app store but yet a new blockbuster. It let you stream the videos in HD quality without any lag. Also you can download the movies with the help of server link which it provides. The movie gets downloaded in seconds as you are directly downloading the movie from server. So in total it is a very good mobile movie app like the video editing softwares.


  1. YouTube

YouTube is you best companion when I am talking of movie watching on your smartphone. In YouTube you can get almost every video and old movie. But the drawback is that you will see the trailers of the new movies but the launch of new movies on YouTube is quite late. So you need to wait. Else the quality of the movies will be stupendous.


  1. TubiTv

It has large database of movies. The app is specially made for android users only. The movie has large number of titles. You can select from any title to watch the movie. You can watch the movies without any lag and that too for free.


  1. Free Movies

This app is specially made for people who are using older android versions. You can download this app as it takes very little space. For this app you don’t need to download any flash player. So in total it is a complete package to save your memory.


  1. Big Star Movies

This app is free for basic features. When you want to see additional features you need to subscribe by doing sign up by paying some amount. The amount which you need to pay is 4.99$. The videos will be of HD only.


  1. Yidio

You can see almost all movies with the help of this app in free. Also if some movie is not there in this app you can request for that movie. You can also subscribe for advanced movies by paying some free.


  1. PopCorn Flix

This app is frequently downloaded from the Google Play store because of its large database and frequent updating of movies. You can search the movies in search panel. The movies will be in HD quality. So enjoy watching movies.

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So now you got to know about the top 15 movie apps which you can use to enjoy movies on your smartphone. Check all the top apps for free and watch movies in online. Enjoy and have all the fun. All the best!!