Free Prank Calling Apps For Android and iPhone

TOP 5 Free Phone Prank Applications in 2019

Want to know about the free prank calling apps for your smartphone, then you are at the right place, simply check our article and know about some of the apps to make free prank call for free. All the applications we are providing here are for free, so simply have a look at them and know about a best fake call app android or for ios.

The best way to have fun does not always have to do with material things, sometimes a simple joke or a joke can brighten the other person’s day. When making phone jokes the laughter with your friends will never end. All are designed to provoke super fun reactions in the person who receives them.


free prank calling apps

You will no longer be the person who receives the jokes it is time for your friends to pay too. In addition you will have the audio of the call to share it on your social networks. As technology is involved everywhere there are also applications to spend free phone jokes we’ll show you the best of them so you can play jokes on your friends and have a good time.

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The 5 Best Apps to Spend Telephone Jokes

Here you have the best prank call apps for iphone and for android, with all these apps you will be able to enjoy some free telephone jokes. Have a look at the apps for free prank calls unlimited.

Prank Dial

We follow our super list of joke apps with Prank Dial which as it says in English is used to tease by phone. Worldwide the app has already made more than 200 million funny calls offering the prankster a wide range of options ideas and internal functions. For example:

prank call apps for iphone

  • You can save the calls made in your history.
  • Constantly updated cocktails.
  • Its operation is very simple.
  • It is the only one that allows you to put the number that is calling the victim.
  • You just have to select one of the “bad ideas” from the list they offer such as “Why are you calling my boyfriend” or “You gave my car”select your victim’s phone number and give submit. Then Hear as many times as you want!

Jokes by phone for free

The application of free telephone jokes that has revolutionized the world of jokes through mobile. Downloading this app you can make all the jokes you want at the time you want and whoever you want is a very good application.

You just have to choose the joke that you liked most then you must fill out a form to enter data that makes the joke more credible and finally you must enter the number of the person to which you are going to make the joke.

In a matter of days your joke will be ready so you can share it with all your friends through your social networks.

The only drawback that this application has is that it does not have a very efficient system and the jokes take a long time to arrive. It all depends on how quickly the person to whom you will make the joke answers and the number of requests that there are.Therefore you must have patience.

Voice Changer – Prixmapp

Very good application to use on December 28 that allows you to change your voice in a very funny way and that gives you the possibility to save the recordings and share them with your friends or make phone calls and phone jokes.

prank call app android

With this app you can modify your voice choosing how you want it to be, having the option of staying with the recording or using the “parrot” mode that allows you to make calls.

The funny thing is that you can add sounds to the recording (belching, horror sounds, weapons and more).

Celebrity Prank Call

Unlike the others this app is to simulate a call from a celebrity but on your own phone with which you can break the ice in those boring meetings saying that you have to go because the president calls you for example.

free prank calls unlimited

You have the option to choose a contact or you can even select the photo the name and the number which means that you can also say that any other person who is not famous is calling you.

Funny Call

If you have an iPhone do not worry that you can also spend a telephone joke on December 28. This app serves to spend telephone jokes by changing the voice, adding fun effects, with which you can call your friends and laugh out loud with their reaction.

In principle to use the app you need to buy credits although you can perform some actions within the application to get free credits.

The good thing about this app is that it has a wide variety of voices and effects to add to your voice with the possibility of adding background music to joke calls.

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These are the best free prank calling apps to make phone jokes to all your friends! We hope that this collection of apps to spend prank call app android will help you to start playing jokes on your friends with a call. Try some and have fun! Visit ttop10 for more information.