Game like Fortnite Online in 2019

Game like Fortnite: Shooting games have been played by each person on the planet in his childhood days. The variations are being made from time to time in the shooting games such as characters, weapons, background and visual effects.

Fortnite includes a fight between a single man and many players. It is a kind of battle royale game where you have to defend yourself continuously until the end. However, you can also try some best games like Fortnite on your Android as well as iOS devices.


game like fortnite

There are certain Fortnite related games which will give you a similar gaming experience and in fact, better fighting weapons and improved functions. Below are the best games like fortnite online, have a look at them.

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Best Fortnite Alternatives Online in 2019

games like fortnite online

1. Last Man Standing

Somewhat like Fortnite, this game is a type of Battle Royale game. You have to constantly protect yourself from the dangerous attacks made by the enemies. You may confront some of the most powerful fighting weapons. But the aim is to survive alone till the end to win in the battle. It can be listed in the Fortnite alternatives with strong weapons and attachments. Last Man Standing is available free of charge to download on PC or laptop.

2. GTA Online: Motor Wars

Let the fun begin on the streets with speedy vehicles. The game has 2 to 4 teams which fight against each other. There are parachutes for escape. The area begins to get narrower as you proceed with the further levels. If the player is caught outside the fighting area, he gets killed within some seconds. There are not many weapons which the player gets other than a pistol. GTA online: Motor wars is one of the most interesting games like Fortnite for pc.


3. Realm Royale

The basic concept of Realm Royale again remains the same with an old beautiful map and comic characters heading for loot. You can choose any character and upgrade its abilities. There is one chance if you are attacked and you can again go on playing the game. However, you must try to move as the fight zone starts becoming smaller. The team consists of 4 players. You can very well add Realm Royale to the list of  fortnite related games.

4. H1ZI: King of the Kill

This game involves 150 players who come face to face on the battleground. Each one tries to survive till the end for becoming the winner in the battle. The players can play solo or in a group of 2 or 5 persons. A location is given on the map where the game is about to start. The game includes killings of players or snatching some weapons for self-defense. The players can search for weapons, equipment,and first aid kits too. Protect yourself from the toxic gas cloud which can damage you at the start of the game.

5. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG is the most famous battle royale game in this list. The game is played by 100 players who march to kill each other and defend themselves for survival till the end. There are different weapons including rifles, pistols and various kinds of guns. There are 2 maps in the game. PUBG can be downloaded on PC and Xbox One for free of cost. The game has the amazing background and visual effects, weapons and much more.

6. Maelstrom

The next on the list is Maelstrom. This is a usual battle royale game but the only difference is it takes place in the sea,unlike other games. There is a safety circle and if you move out of it, you will be attacked by the sea monsters. The background of the ocean is terrific but very dangerous at the same time. The players can act as orc or dwarf or human and there are different ships for each character.

7. The Culling

The Culling is set in the forest area where 16 players involve in a mass shooting against each other. There are caves and bridges all over the fighting area. You should defend yourself from the toxic gas cloud and explosive barrels. The players move up to the certain distance and they get currency by upgrading the match. The Culling is one of the best game which can be played on PC and Xbox One for free.

8. Minecraft

For the video game lovers, Minecraft is at the apex for them and you can also get Games like Minecraft for free. Building blocks and structures with the available materials and resources are something exciting and impressive in its way. You will be lost in the 3D world and you can do various activities such as gathering materials, combat and crafting. There are several modes in the game such as creative mode and adventure mode. The award-winning game will keep you busy for many hours with fun, excitement and adventures.


These are the most amazing fortnite alternatives in 2019 which you can download on your Android or iOS devices, PC, and laptop for free of cost. They are normal battle royale games but each one has specific and unique character, weapon, map, and region which make the game more stunning.